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The Miracles of Mercury Retrograde

Turning the Communication Blunders into our Everyday Miracles and Universal Support

What is Mercury Retrograde?

A quick dip here...

What makes it retrograde? An optical illusion that Mercury is spinning in the opposite direction of its planned course. Scientists believe Mercury did not actually shift in movement, rather it simply appears that it is.

Planet Mercury, the ruler of communication, looks as though it is in retrograde motion 3 times every year.

Mercury is the ruling planet of communication. So when the retrograde hits, the communication in our world is also directly connected and responding to this retrograde motion that occurs three times, spaced out evenly, throughout the course of the year. If you are reading this in real-time, we are into our second spin of this mercury planet for 2021, which began May 29 lasting through June 22, 2021. Our third will come to us right at the beginning of a new School Year and end just before the magical holiday of Halloween.

Why do we Have to Walk Through This Energy?

The universe is set up so that all of the planetary movements, moon phases, and energy is in coordination with the shifting that our human race is walking through at that given time. Mercury Retrograde is one of those seasons designed for humans to begin maneuvering out of their comfort zones and semi-complacent situations or behaviors while continuing on with our changing and evolving as a human race.

Now maybe a time when the last reminisce of fear about "coming out", "showing up," or being truly authentic is felt as the energy releases from the vessel during the retrograde season. When nothing seems to be understood... when spoken anyway, one may think, I may as well figure myself out during this energetic time instead of selling my reasons to someone unwilling to listen.

Mediation: Don't leave home without it! One of our beautiful community members, Honey (@slapchar) shares that she never leaves home to her fast-paced leadership role without her daily meditation ritual!

How Can I Harness This Energy to Move My Own Energy Forward?

The best news of any seemingly tumultuous time is the ability to find more of ourselves when we are inside of them. What I love the most about Mercury Retrograde is that I can realize that others may be wrapped up in the malfunction of technology, their words, their agendas, their schedules, and their time frames, which also means they will have very little time or energy to listen to me and my own ideas. If I know this is MY time to develop MY OWN awareness of myself, I have (we have) potential to come out on the other side as an overcomer that we did not know before walking in. All we needed was time with ourselves.

1. Spend Thoughtful Time with Self



~Salt Baths

~Quiet Walks

~Crystal Discovery


~Create and Imagine

Being quiet and on your own may be the best medicine you have felt in quite a while. A hidden gift to the soul during Retrograde time!

Any of these can help one know his or her soul even more closely and deeply. Light a candle, set the space up for a cozy feel atmosphere, and be with yourself.

Something else I find Spirit engaging with my soul during the retrograde time is to get a sense of "what I need" and "what I can share." This is a method Spirit uses with me to organize, cleanse and clean to prepare the room for what's on the other side of this three-week time frame.

2. Clean, Clear, Organize and Give Away

~Clear spaces untouched for some time.


*Underneath Beds

*Drawers of Clothing


~Create a lemon, rosemary, and water elixir to spritz and clean corners of all the spaces.

~Cleanse the space by cracking a window, lighting a candle, and using Palo Santo and White Sage to increase the positive energy and to rid the space of what no longer serves.

~Make a pile of everything you are ready to give away. Bag and box it and take it over to your local Goodwill.

Often, once we have redirected our focus back into ourselves rather than the blunders of the people and systems (run by the people) around us, we can notice the beauty of the silent ones around us.

3. Take care of and "listen to" the living that does not Communicate Verbally or through Technological Means

~Take extra special care of plants right now. Sow blessings with each as the water hits their leaves, and hands are down in their loving, supportive soil. What are they sharing with you now?

~Sit with pets a little longer and place your dominant hand on their back or heart. Feel the feeling the comes through as you share energy. Watch how the animal kingdom provides a "reset" for humankind.

~Be among the singing birds to reorient to the music of the eternal language of Spirit.

And finally, the infinite souls of our Crystals help guide and orient our energy once again! Crystal Energy lives on to help our human vessels become close(r) to our original, human blueprints! Here are a few crystals that help with organizing our energy during this retrograde time:

Labradorite Crystal

Labradorite for Psychic Protection and Third-Eye clarity. A gift to the Clairvoyant and provides the gift of "clearly seeing beyond the visible.

Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline for protection and cleansing energy. Helpful with transmuting negative burdens and energy to positive energy! An awesome AMF (electromagnetic frequency) repeller!


Selenite crystal for cleansing and clearing auric energy. This is the perfect crystal for the deeply connected Empath. Also fabulous for cleansing on the go and especially during Mercury Retrograde.

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli is the crystal of "Inner Wisdom." Wisdom is the authenticity that is rooted in Spirit and of Spirit. Inner knowing can be captured at a time when things seem to be "going off the rails." Lapis Lazuli is a crystal of ancient times and one that protected users during times of war and was embedded in breastplates and shields for protective energy. Enjoy getting to know this energetically dynamic crystal of throat chakra that is also laced with particles of pyrite.

Now, as we trek the next days, moments, and seconds together, let us gaze upon the internal miracles of every moment set up for our own evolution and transformation.

Coming Soon...

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