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Tips to Thrive during Mercury Retrograde

First, a quick tutorial about Mercury Retrograde. 3 times a year for approximately three weeks at a time, Mercury (ruler of communication) spins in such a way that it appears to actually reverse its motion, which is why this is considered its retrograde period.

Mercury in Retrograde has been dubbed “the time of miscommunication.” Communication devices can short circuit, communication with partners can turn into consistent strands of arguments and the feeling of being misunderstood may arise more often than normal. This article is a guide on how to thrive during the Mercury Retrograde period. To read more about the reasons why Mercury Retrograde happens in the first place, follow the link: to read on!

Tips for Thriving During Mercury Retrograde

Thriving Tip #1: Ground Your Body in a Salt Bath

When the body is physically grounded and centered in the Mother Earth Energy, we can often forgo an egoic response to the people. When we respond without grounded energy, our energy will be zapped in no time and we will feel like the messes we see happening around us.

Healing Bath Salts crafted with Pink HimalayannSea Salt and Epsom.

Healing salt baths, such as the formula in the Live True Healing Apothecary, is one of the top overall body grounding options for centering and living a clear and grounded energy lifestyle whether Mercury is Retrograde or not.

Salt Baths crafted with Epsom and Pink Himalayan Sea Salts are scientifically proven to detoxify the body by drawing all of the toxins out through the feet and skin, as well as assist with mood-lifting, calming the nervous system, and helps with respiratory health when the salt is inhaled. Any time there is a block in breathing, clearing the blockage with a steamy, hot, salt bath is the key to healing and also reopening the third eye chakra for vision. When negative patterns of speaking begin to multiply around us during this retrograde time, cleansing the entire vessel will have an incredibly high impact on increasing your vitality during this time around those who are not taking care of themselves (yet).

Tip #2: Clear the Negativity by Smudging

Words carry energy and can also cause our physical bodies to feel heavy or light. Mercury, ruler of communication, going retrograde can cause words to be spoken that leave the vessel feeling less than fulfilled. During this time of raw emotion and words spoken (or unspoken), cleanse the auric field of the body with Sage, Palo Santo, and even pair it with dried Lavender. This can be done by burning the wand or palo stick, or by spraying smudge spray, like the one Live True Healing Apothecary crafts, to release the heavy energy while lightening the soul once again. Once you surround your body with cleansing smoke or spray, next, listen to your inner knowing to know where in your home or office to smudge and clear next. Your spirit knows the way. Just listen and walk. Spirit will lead you there. Always smudge with a window or door slightly open so the negative energy release has a place to travel for clearing.

Sacred Smudge Spray crafted with Sage & Rosemary protective and cleansing herbs.

Tip #3: Crystals Carry Vibration to Help us With This!

Crystals have their own dynamic, God created code which helps our souls walk through life. Crystals have their own individualized properties, which help with different types of energies and situations. It’s like an extra dose of energy, right in your pocket, on your wrist, or in your living space. Crystals walk with me everywhere I go and sit with me in all of the spaces I am in during a typical day. The following are crystals that could specifically help with this energetic time of retrograde.

Garnet: Root Chakra Crystal, assists with grounding and rooting into the centered Mother Earth Energy. Carry Garnet in your pocket and hold when emotions feel heightened or when attempting to communicate in a centered, focused manner.

Serpentine: Heart Chakra & Solar Plexus Chakra (Decision Making Center) helps with clearing old energy and deciding whether it is an appropriate time to speak. As a personal note, I never leave home without this stone on my wrist or in my pocket during this three-week span of time. This is my personal “go-to” stone while the hinges are falling off the people around me. You will be drawn to the one that is the best match for your energy too!

Rose Quartz: Heart Chakra Stone, which helps with unconditional love for self during this time that could feel like people are a little more disconnected than usual. You can pair the rose quartz with any other stone and it will assist in amplifying both properties with love because of its quartz make-up!

Amazonite: Throat Chakra Stone, which assists in speaking one's truth clearly and concisely. Now, while this may not be the time to really get your point across to a lot of people, we may have to anyway because the time calls for it. Wearing Amazonite can assist with speaking truth and being clear with the words that are spoken. Pairing Amazonite with Serpentine can assist with keeping the message concise and specific so that it is easily interpreted and understood by the listeners.

Rose Quartz for unconditional love and heart chakra support.

Tip #4: Pray

Ask for help in this matter. This is our divine guidance that may not be walking as a physical form on this Earth, however, is guiding us along every step of our lives with a “big picture view” of our pathway. When confusion hits, pray and ask for guidance through and around the matter. Answers will appear. Our divine guidance is there and when we pray, our Crown Chakra opens, and light + clarity can begin to pour in. This is simply a reminder or possibly your first initiation that we have the most blessed, divine support. Note: if praying does not feel natural, read tip #5 to begin moving the blocks.

Tip #5: Journal and Clarify

Journaling is a window that can open to the soul. When confusing thoughts begin taking hold, dumping the brain of the information onto paper becomes a sacred act. Julia Cameron, author of “The Artist’s Way” describes the process of the mental thoughts as dumping them out on the page until we can find our inner creator. She further describes our inner creator as our divine guidance which is the intuition attempting to be seen and heard. The thoughts can become so busy, it can feel like a crowded concert, which can make it impossible to hear the inner voice at all. Journaling actually assists with quieting the noise and listening to inner truth.

During the time of Mercury in Retrograde, people can say and do more (what feels like) hurtful things than on a normal cycle. So, getting to the truth behind those feelings that may arise is where our true freedom is felt. Writing out all of it will assist with “mind dumping” what no longer requires residency in your beautiful space. Release it in writing and above all, be sure to see the truth in yourself as well during the journaling process. Rewrite the story the way you see and want to feel it. Replace the dark with the light.

Reach out to us by writing a message at We are here to support the souls on this journey! Love and Blessings, Krista

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