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10 Examples of Synchronicity

Updated: Jun 19, 2021

10 signs you may see that you are on the right track!

First, What is a Synchronicity?

Synchronicities are events in time that are seemingly related and may appear in perfect timing with another situation that has just happened or is happening repeatedly.

Note: I chose not to include the dictionary definition as it lends its self to once again unbelieve that the sign actually counted as Spirit's method for connecting with your soul's journey of life now.

Synchronicities come in heavy and hot when a human is beginning to awaken.

close up of an eye with a rainbow overlay across the pupil

Are you noticing the support all around you? During the Awakening process, Spirit wants for you to feel the support more than ever before.

Synchronicities and Awakening

Synchronicities come in heavy and strong during one's BIG awakening process. Awakening is the shedding of every societal or human construct that was ever created and the shedding of the programming of society to find one's soul in this lifetime.

This blog post is primarily about the Signs of Synchronicities and Examples of Synchronicities, yet Spirit will not let this part of the message go untouched...

In order to connect with the signs you are seeing and feeling on the deepest level of receiving, one must be completely aware that the awakening is beginning to occur and that this was a Spirit orchestrated effort to WAKE YOUR SOUL UP!

The following examples will happen repeatedly as gifts from Spirit Guides, Angels, Passed Away loved ones, and ultimately your Highest Self, God source to show you that you are being supported in an infinite way and are being led unconditionally in love.

Synchronicity Examples

One of the reasons you found this post was probably because your temple, being, or human structure is magically becoming infiltrated with SYNCHRONICITY to your awareness!

Yayyyy! Your Spirit Guides are throwing a party right now that you have searched this topic, because right away they are saying, "Our beautiful person is listening!"

Here are some examples of what you may be recognizing, but this list is NEVER exhaustive! Please realize! If you see something different, please drop a comment for our community or come tell us about it on DM through Instagram @livetruehealing. We would love to share with our amazing community!

1. Number Sequences 11:11, 1:11, 222, 444, 5:55, 999, 1212, 1234, 7777, 0000, 911 and more!

Remembering the fear I felt at the start of my awakening is a time in my life (6 years ago today) that I consistently send love and healing energy. No one knows that feeling of transformation and as though your life may be falling apart unless you've walked the journey or are walking it!

As I walked down the hall of the school I was leading, I consistently continued to see the numbers 9:11 on the clock. Now, I was already certain I was losing my mind, yet fear began to trickle into my vessel as I saw 9:11 for the third time in a row within two hours. License plates, clock faces, and then even a clock that lost its time blinked 9:11. I walked swiftly to my office and put my head down to cry as I believed it was a sign of an emergency. I bartered with God (before I knew her) and said, I will get out of this but I need help! I opened my google search and typed in 9:11 only and up came "Angel Messages for 911."

This is how my Spirit Guides and Angel squad decided to show me that "I am awakening" as 911 is a number sequence representing this!

Number sequences come as messages from Spirit Guides and Angels alike in coordination with the path of your Highest Self.

The Messages will pop up to show you they are present and to ask them for assistance.

The numbers will appear to remind you that you are on the right track!

The numbers will also appear to confirm a reality you are beginning to see yourself such as a huge change, a new adventure, or relationship awarenesses happening for you now.

Every sequence in Numerology means something a little bit different. Before you read more on that, begin trusting your instincts by asking yourself more about the gifts being presented to you!

One of my most popular searched blog posts was created in the middle of my awakening called, 555 Synchronicity and more will be coming to you at this stage as well...

llights in the number 55 with fireworks on a black background

How do number sequences show up in your life? Comment below to share with our community!

2. Nature's Magic ~ Rainbows & Wind

Rainbows are sacred, nature-made, and orchestrated with Spirit signs of support.

Rainbows~ When a rainbow appears in your sight, please commit to understanding that it is rare and for YOU! Sure, others may spot its beauty and messages also, yet in this situation of spotting the rainbow it is in coordination with a passed away loved one supporting you and "saying hi!"

Rainbows are also a sign of "Thank you!" Angels often send rainbows for thankfulness of delivering the universe's message to the people. That could have been through support, love, your business, your coaching, your gifts, or something different!

Wind~ Wind blows to represent energy moving in the direction of your intention. It is a sense of power and connectedness that one is supported by a team to move ahead in his or her convictions and passion within.

3. Animals~ Deer, Butterflies, Cardinals, and Other Beauties

When sacred animals appear as Spirit Messengers, the quiet stillness will bring more awareness to the messages that are being delivered for your life path now. Every animal is representative of its own messages and energy.

A Doe- Feminine protector

A Butterfly- Passed away loved one, or confirmation from Spirit

A Cardinal- A visitor from the other side

Every animal is blessing your space with a message. If you ever wonder beyond your own awareness, simply google it as I did! Trust that what appears is your oracle message from Spirit!

white moth on a plant with a light background

Sacred support can fly in at any time! When it does, simply say, "thank you, Spirit! What will you show to me next?"

4. Songs

So many reasons and messages come with gifts of hearing a song that means something to your life path!

Our passed away loved ones will often work with the frequency of the radio to play a song JUST IN TIME for us! Trust and say, "hello!" next time this happens!

Songs also come forward when one is developing his or her own gifts of Clairaudience, which does begin to happen during the awakening process.

Spiritual, intuitive gifts begin to come forward and make themselves known to us as we travel through the learning and application process of using them in everyday life upon awakening! When you hear a song, it is often a message to confirm for others how to lift up or pull back from situations. It can also be OUR message to confirm we are making the BEST decision and trust our instincts!

5. Ringing in the Ears

...And no you do not need to get your hearing checked! This is a gift granted to the highly sensitive, empathic beings (lightworkers) waking up and seeing the world with a fresh face and fresh eyes.

Ringing in the ears are often messages from angelic (higher vibrational) beings sent here to guide and help your pathway unfold.

Ringing can mean, "We got you! You are protected!" It can mean, "I am right here, trust your instincts." It can also be that the angels are supporting you in this very second! The final thought here is that when the ringing happens, THERE IS A LOT OF ENERGY happening simultaneously!

6. Orbs, Light

This one is fun! During my first rounds of youtube teachings, my viewers would often see orbs fly past the screen and dance around the messages that would come!

Orbs make themselves present and known the more a being settles into his or her own sensitivity!

If you are seeing orbs, you are summoning magic and the connection beyond the physical world you are living in. Be careful! You could find yourself literally leaving Earth more and more often to escape the pains of awakening when you learn you can! Just a reminder that when you can, please come back! You have a beautiful mission here with the people!

7. Books, Oracles, Signs, Written Text

Have you ever had a card fly out of an oracle card deck or the perfect page to the book fling open? This is another gift straight from your spirit guides! Trust the message! This is just one more reminder that there are ZERO accidents happening on Earth. Every single thing has an exact reason. Trust the messages that appear, and promise yourself to release fear.

One more reminder- A positive mind attracted positive messages. If you are seeing the dark side, simply check in with your mindset. The Universe serves those who believe it is in favor of being served!

pink crystals surrounding a tarot card with 3 women in dresses

How do you protect yourself before the day begins? Calling in the bubble of protective light is a sacred form of sealing and protecting your energy during the day and during sacred self-reading times with tarot or Oracle cards! You can read my FIRST EVER blog post about The Sacred Bubble of Protection for the Empath here!

8. Intuitive Gifts~ Knowledge, Fragrance, Feelings

As your awareness sharpens and is trusted by you, your intuitive gifts will begin to blossom too. This is when one begins developing the keen gifts of the Clair's!

Find details of the Gifts of the Clairs in one of our first posts about this knowledge! Angel's Guidance Through the Power of the Clair's

9. Dreams

Our dream state is our most sacred and open state to receive visitations, messages, and also awareness of truth occurring in our lives. When we sleep, our Spirit travels and meets with others, including our sacred Spirit Squad to work through the next steps of our lives!

Every single dream has a reason! Every single night of exploration provides a feeling. To accept the messages from Spirit in a clearer, gentler way, you can try a salt bath before bed to cleanse the chakra system, or place crystals bedside to help with this! Amethyst, Selenite, and light blue crystal are my favorites for sleeping support! You can find more crystals at our Cleansed Apothecary,!

10. Other People~ People give messages

Finally, humans can sometimes be our greatest and final versions of walking Earth Angels. Humans are sent just in time to deliver messages that angels need for us to hear!

This comes with protection and cleansing communication if this is a method of synchronicity that your Spirit Squad is using with you! Spirit will only allow the highest level of confirmation and affirmation into your vessel. You will know the difference right away between a person that is all up in your business and a walking earth angel. One will feel heavy and darker. The other will feel like you found "home."

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