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Dolphin Spirit Animal & Spirit Totem: Instinct, Intuition, Intelligence, & Peace Within

Dolphins are swimming closer now as our collective is diving into new life experiences and shifts toward the expression of one's truest voice and highest self energy. No longer are our lightworkers willing to take a back seat, second chair, or receive only membership access to life. This spirit animal is coming forward for those who are receiving the energy of leadership, command, and great ownership over one's own life journey.

Before we capture the energy of Dolphin Spirit Totems, let us iron out a few concepts about Spirit Animals first.

What is a Spirit Animal?

Spirit Animals are energies and entities of high frequency and vibration that are attracted to our vessels based on the current events in our lives that we are choosing or called to participate in which ultimately shift our energetic code. Every life event creates a new found energy or code that is added within each of us and this signals to welcome extra support to our lives like the simplicity and ease of spirit animal energies.

From the time we were children, we can easily see which Spirit Animals found us early in life by the type of stuffed animals we would sleep with at night or the favorite animal that we would collect. Children often collect Koala Bears, Penguins, Sloths, and more and this is a signal to you that you began life with a very clear and pure energetic makeup. Spirit animal energy finds us to enhance our own energy or to continue growth and maturation in our new found energy.

If your mind is questioning whether or not this is all actually real, or if it is just made up, then you are in good company! That is a fair and human question and the guidance that is channeled through my vessel is fairly direct about its response.

Do Spirit Animals Really Exist?

The way that Spirit shows to me whether any metaphysical principle truly exists or not, including Spirit Animal Energy is by realizing that every human vessel has a 50/50 chance or opportunity of believing in or not believing in the power of Spirit Animal (or any metaphysical principal) Energy. If deciding whether or not this energy exists in my life and knowing that it is equal probability between the two choices (real/ not real), and we really will never see or know the ultimate truth until we are fully dead and crossed over, then my vessel naturally err's on the side that all things are conspiring on my behalf to enhance and support my one amazing and beautiful life! Therefore, I choose to believe. When I believe first, all magic of actually seeing the miraculous outcome follows.

Let's dive into Dolphin Spirit Animal Energy!

Dolphin Spirit Animal Recognition & Energy

If you have read this far, you can be assured the Dolphin is with you now. Take a deep, full breath, and gently say with me,

I welcome you, Dolphin energy, and I acknowledge you are here on my soul's behalf to assist with prosperity and growth within my life now. And so it is.

This is the first initiation for accessing this beautifully pure and gentle energy into one's life now. The gates have been opened and the energy has been given access to pour in.

If you are consistently seeing the synchronicity of 4:44 paired with Dolphins, you are receiving this message amplified and with exponentially increased enthusiasm!

Dolphins appear in one's life when the human soul has already entered into a new energy of living. Dolphins swim close when we require increased play, gentle support, or high levels of intuitive and instinctual knowledge to assist us with gently swimming through the patches of rough waters around us or among the people we are serving.

When you are consistently aware that Dolphins are appearing in your life, this is a sign that balance and harmony are looking to enter your consciousness now. "Peace be with you..." is a comment noted from Spirit as this information comes forward. When a peaceful heart enters a room, a calming presence is able and willing to fill the space. Great healing occurs for all vessels without speaking a single word. Your vessel is being called to communicate through healing energy rather than the spoken word today.

If you are currently living through a Mercury Retrograde cycle such as the one occurring during this post creation, note the importance of the unspoken word during this time. Energy is a language which need not be deciphered by a human's mouth or a technological device. It can just "be." The Dolphin Spirit energy is here in perfect timing and can be felt simply by embodying its energy.

How to Use the Dolphin Energy

This is simple and fun! When you are sitting through a board room meeting, phone call, or any other current situation and feel like you are losing yourself to constant thoughts, words, or upset behaviors or may even care to enhance current happy moments- visualize the swimming and splashing dolphin in the mind's eye.

First, focus all of your energy on the middle of the forehead. Attempt to visualize blinking a third eye between your two existing physical eyes which help you see. There is a third eye placed between the center of the two physical eyes and up about 1 inch (on my vessel), or a little more. You'll know you have activated your third eye when you can feel a slight blinking feeling in the center of your forehead and a calm feeling, almost like a massaging motion inside of your head space is occurring. When this exercise occurs it actually opens your pineal gland which is in the center of your head, and this is a gland that is in charge of the intuition of the physical vessel.

Next, I visualize dolphins in their natural habitats. I always see two dolphins swimming together in partnership and bouncing out of and beyond the ocean's surface and back in as they play together. I immediately fill with an energy specific and specialized to my body and you feel and see your own depiction of what they are showing to your unique and beautiful vessel too!

Dolphins are here to help us gain peace, instinct, and balance in our lives. Let us enjoy the magic that is here for us today as we welcome the Dolphins into our worlds.

For more Lightworker and community connections paired with Crystals, Candles, and Healing, please join us on Thursdays and Saturdays on Instagram! If Instagram ever closes for Live True, refer to your emails for our Zoom Link for a private session together in real, live time!

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