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Elegant Power

The dance between massive action, and flow is a delicate one. Envision the massive pressure in a ballerina’s toes as she glides across the stage so gracefully. Muscles formed and strength in the core of the body built to flow so elegantly across the stage by the tips of her toes. And so is the dance with life. Elegant power is the answer as we are guided to create for the people of this world.

Simply put, force is just false action. I imagine that the ballerina did not dance on her first day of learning as she does on her 10th year of practice and rehearsal. And so is the story of dreams realized and manifested. My guides are on a mission to share that “force is just false action.” It may feel like we are getting somewhere forcing projects, agendas, people through, but the most beautiful creations of this life require patience to form, and extreme love and tender, tender care to flourish.

"Force is false action."

Today’s healing message is this: The pain in life is the right pressure our spirits require to produce the creation we were always meant to create. Heal, my friends. Patience, soulful ones. Because after the healing, strength is produced, transformation ensues, and that beautiful creation comes alive!

Our healing and transformation open the gates for empowerment of creation.

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