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Throw it in the Fire

A reminder today to throw it in the fire.

What are you needing to throw in the fire today and release for the rebirth? Full Moons are fabulous, but perhaps this work requires attention a little bit sooner.

"When we can step fully into the fire is when we have been fully transformed. One piece at a time To begin. Burn layers of weight that have held the soul captive. As we do, we gently and methodically step fully in. That is when the old systems are destroyed by way of the light and the Phoenix rises." - Channeled through Krista from Spirit

Go ahead! Write it down! Throw it the whole way in! What we can now release to the fire is in preparation for the great rebirth.

Let the rebirth begin. Just around the corner, we will see signs everywhere of the purification and rebirth as Spring will begin to enter. Let us all rest in knowing that we are in this together and in perfect timing with our universe.

"The universe is far too intelligent for our thoughts to surrender to the idea that our lives are prisoner to coincidence and luck." -Krista

Join us for community and love tonight at our Crystal Live on Instagram beginning at 7pm est on Instagram Live !

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