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Quick Tips for Empaths & Handling Anxiousness

As this empath writes this blog post regarding anxiousness, I have picked up on massive waves of not only others' feelings of it all, but also my own.

I am a recovering "anxious person," that has healed my way through releasing medicine to help with the daily heart attacks I would receive. This is the story of the empath that does not know yet that he/she is one. The deep feeling sensory mechanism in us that detects even the slightest shift of difference in people, places, and things can cause a whole world around us to become and feel even more uncertain and unsteady, let alone what we are currently living through with a global pandemic. With our current state of the union paired with our own day-to-day living, decision making, parenting, adulting, or the next thing, our heart chakras can some days just feel like they are under complete attack.

You are not alone. I see you. I understand. You are not an alien (yet every lightworker kinda is). We are in this together.

Here is a quick guide for orientation during our heart attacks, our meltdowns, our tense moments, and during the complete overwhelm. Certainly, nothing is quite as quick of a fix as we beg for it t be, yet, we have a chance to build our heart muscles stronger for our missions in this life walk if we practice more of these coping and clearing tactics.

Journal to the Source (of it).

Journaling is a beautiful method to connect with our deepest knowing and guidance. Journaling can help to identify the thing that is causing the heart to close. Journaling can help with identifying the physical feeling that is manifesting in the body because of that which triggered anxious feelings. I found a great @pinterest article about this and it said,

"If the pain could talk, what would it say? What might it be teaching me? What do I need right now? What tiny step can I take to meet my need?"

This prompting permits the empath to handle things on the human level. And sometimes, we must feel our humanity for the deepest healing.

Speak with Spirit

Accepting peace into our hearts can be a tricky request/acceptance when the tensity is at an all-time high. The two can hardly live in the same space together. Peace is on the other side of anxiousness. Anxiety is a manifestation of fear. And peace is a manifestation of love. Notice how fear and love also have trouble sharing the same space. Accepting what we truly desire in place of the fear can begin by stating it to spirit.

I call upon you ________, to draw peace into my being. And so it is.

The simplicity of "When we ask, we shall receive," is so simple that we often miss it. Asking for the replacement behavior, the feeling we want to have, the inner knowing we want to receive, or the state of being we want to live is the first step in moving toward peace within the heart chakra.

Even if the anxiousness is loud, our words can come out. Let us say what we want to feel. And further, ask our divine sources for help with it.

Meditation & Deep Breath Work

Our hearts are tightening during the anxiety roller coaster ride of emotions and the amusement park ride director is the mind space. Everything we are thinking is coupling with fear and the two act like they are dating and getting closer to each other by the second! The cause of anxiety is simply a story that the mind has learned to believe and then in turn causes the body to go into a "fight or flight" state of being. Meditation is a highly effective method of clearing the mind space and permitting a new vision to blossom. Coupling this technique with deep breath work helps to shift the entire body's emotional plan of shutting down.

Meditation can be tricky only if we believe it is complicated. Begin by lying flat on the ground, or one can sit in an upward position. I always visualize drawing in white or golden light through the top of my head, which is called the Crown Chakra. I bring the light through each chakra level of the body until it reaches my heart. I visualize the golden light beaming out of both sides of my body as though it is killing any germ, particle, or piece of fear left living. Then I draw the golden light down through the southern hemisphere of my body, through the remaining chakra points. Finally, it carries the fears and lack to the ground, through my feet, releasing it to Mother Earth for healing, clearing, release, and love.

Finally, three deep breaths at a time. I will even put Frankincense in my palms when I breathe so I can "breath in the sacred." Any essential oil that you are drawn to will be perfect for this. Breathe and release. Expand the heart space. Expand the lungs. Allow air in once again. Breathe and release.

Salt Bath Therapy and Energy Cleansing

Live True Healing Apothecary was first crafted with my love for healing salts! Please read these posts about the healing benefits of Sacred Salts!

I wrote a post about sick Chakras over a year ago. In this article, you will see a visual of the chakra system mentioned in the meditation! Also, read on to learn the therapeutic benefits of salts!

Rest. Renew. Sleep.

Sometimes, our physical bodies just need to shut down and restore. I am learning to give myself permission to do just that when I need it. Others may be calling us for more help into the evening (kids), yet if at all possible, declare the recharge time of rest. When we rest, we renew, transform, and come out brighter and more aware. We are able to test our new strength in a new time or a new day when we do!

Also, did you know when we rest, we visit past lives, future lives, and our current lives? We are healing our archetypes and also balancing our life's journey for learning. We can heal what we reveal. And we reveal a lot in our dream state. Anxiety forms in the physical body because of that which has yet to heal. Allowing the body to enter the resting state is a way to recharge and renew the temple for our divine missions in this life.

If you loved this post or want to learn more about past lives, spirit, spirit guides, subscribe to our website for constant updates. We are brewing the new as we speak and we will keep you in the loop every step of the way!

Love to you,


Creator and Visionary of Live True

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