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Spring is in the Air!

Simple Springtime tips to boost your Spiritual Health!

Here on the east coast, and specifically, in Western, Pennsylvania, we are beginning to feel through our present-day weather forecast, the bright light of hope and renewal! With temperatures cruising into the 60's this week, we are reminded that the sun will be wanting to draw us out of hibernation more and more. We are opening up again to the hope, renewal, and rebirth that our Springtime Season so beautifully and naturally offers us.

For those of you that do not know, I also serve as an elementary school principal and I work this calling during the daytime. One year ago on this Saturday, March 13, 2021, I was called into a conference room to begin reporting that we are shutting down schools and also our working and day-to-day life of living due to a national pandemic that we have all found our way through (one way or another) to this point.

As we head into our 1 year anniversary of the day our world changed, Spirit is calling my vessel to remind the world that we have a say in our energy and the ways we can manage it to shift into more of the feelings we desire to live often and regularly.

Here a few doses of light to assist with recharging and creating the energy we wish to live in and walk in every day!

Breathe in deeply and allow Spirit to be found inside of fun and rejuvinating Springtime Spiritual Health activities that can also lead to stronger mental health!

Consider creating routines and committing to:

*Walking and Movement: Emotion shifts and changes with motion. Clearing the old emotional memory stored over the hibernating season and pandemic year may be stuffed a little deeper up inside of us all. With movement, we can walk through it. Let us clear the old emotional memory patterns and move into new ones. Try repeating positive comments out loud to yourself. It can be under your breath. I often talk to myself in a positive nature as I walk or run on my own to retrain my brain to see more positively. It works!

*Clear, Cleanse, and Clean! In this month's Home Sweet Home Subscription Box, we are dedicating the whole batch of goods to "Spring Cleaning!" This is possibly a very underrated practice of HUGE energy clearing! Spring cleaning is REAL and we do not want to miss this enormous opportunity!!

Mix Rosemary Oil, Lemon juice, and water together in your sink. Please remember that energy gathers like dust, right up into corners and under furniture. Consider moving furniture around and wiping underneath it, around it, and position it all a little differently! Crack a window to release the old energy.

Say & Repeat, " I now release the stagnant energy that no longer serves the vessels of this home. Begone! I now welcome in gifts of manifesting, renewal, and rebirth for healing and empowerment now."

Wipe the corners of the room and spaces left to the darkness with a mixture of Rosemary and Lemon water, then light a Palo Santo to release and renew the energy with sacred smoke.

*Be in the Dirt with Mother Earth: Weather house plants are being repotted, or you are willing to remove your shoes and walk in nature, let us feel the grounding and energizing connection we receive from Mother Earth when we connect!

If you choose to remove your shoes or simply walk around in nature, deliberately look for signs of New Growth! Now link the new growth to all of the new that has been created inside of your beautiful vessel! How many can you count as you walk around? Look for all of the signs that our Earth is sprouting new. We too are sprouting new pieces right along with the green coming up from the ground or a bud upon a tree branch. We are asked to notice our own growth simultaneously! We are growing, evolving, changing, and stepping out of the old patterns and habits of living now.

May this day bring unending light and hope to your soul! You are doing incredible work and we are so eternally grateful to serve our community through Live True LLC.

For more information, follow us on Pinterest @livetruehealing, or on Facebook or Instagram @livetruehealing!

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