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Failure to Flow: A Walk through Pain to Purpose

Photo by David Hofmann on Unsplash

Failing is universal evidence that we are being guided to take the road of flow. A reminder, a nudge to prepare for a turn in a direction that we didn’t see coming (before). Failing as we set out to make our dreams come true makes way for the flow that life had always intended for us.

What we label as “failure” gets down right ugly though. Humans, especially female humans, have the ability to call themselves failures like it’s our first name.

“Hey failure, way to go! You didn’t last in that relationship!”

“Hey failure, you gave up again on the diet.”

“Failure, listen up, you’re gonna fail again today.”

What if we reframe the meaning of failure and design a new way for our minds to receive the message that things didn’t go as (the ego) planned?

Failure is nothing more than a divine detour onto the road of our truest destiny. The bumps and bangs may feel painful, but (always) continue to feel your way through. Process the pain and always ask yourself why does the pain exist in the first place?

Why does failing really feel so painful? Bring the answer to the surface of the psyche for recognition of all that comes with the story created around the “failure.”

Processing failure reveals that we have a stronger hold on the things and people of Earth than we ever realized. The tight grip that begs to be loosened long before our recognition of it, is our sense of control over what is going on outside of ourselves.

A message to take care of the beautiful temple that makes you. The one and only you.

Because the tighter we grip onto the people and things outside of us, is equivalent to the level of fear that can come forth within us.

Fear and failure, as defined only by Ego, seem to be close friends. Fear of failing is a story that’s been woven into the minds of all of us since childhood, and may still continue to take up residency to this day. Fear is the very reason we never dared to “fail” in the first place.

Together let us redefine our relationship to failure as a useful, purposeful, soulful declaration that we are divinely led to choose differently based on the outcome of a decision or commitment that we have been guided to release. A feeling of sadness and pain may inevitably enter. After all, the commitment or decision was a piece of your design for that time. Take sweet, beautiful care of yourself, precious one, because healing is an undeniable piece of this divinely lead process of failure.

Remember this as you head out for another adventurous day of this divinely created and lead life. Failing is universal, divine evidence that we are guided to take a different road which leads us to the flow. Which guides us to turn in the direction that wasn’t noticed (before).

Failing to achieve whatever we set out to do makes way for the flow that life had always intended for us.

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