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Full Moon in Scorpio

"Full-time help from the Universe!"

We have figured it out!

We are the ones we have been waiting for this whole time!

We reached out a hand to help her and she is coming out of hiding and she is healing and standing once again.

Even if fear causes her knees to buckle at first, and is feeling scared of what could happen if she comes out, she still is standing now with us.

We can comfort her.

The inner child is one that we are now recognizing wants for us to help her out of hiding, hands she trusts and knows before any other touches her or works with her. She says, “you know me best, and only you can help me out (of this space).”

At this time, our full moon energy is swelling and bringing forward some of the strongest, transformative energy to assist with this long-term healing plan. More energy and assistance than we have possibly ever known to experience or trust before. We are building our, at this time, the internal fortitude to continue on this journey of healing, and so, in tandem, our universe is also offering a helping hand with this Full Moon in Scorpio energy. And this one will cause and be the lasting change that assists our personal beings and this world with our great shift to The New Earth!

Sure the fear has a common, habitual routine of learning how to get loud and rise at just the right moments and actually right before the breakthroughs want to happen. What is so incredibly helpful about cognitively noticing this energetic, full moon shift happening for us now (thank you, Universe and your beautiful design) is that fear, or our personal gremlins and goblins that served a purpose in our lives for the longest time, will be asked and then manhandled to take a seat right back onto the bleachers so that we can move ahead, and step forward with our collective calling!

You may be asking yourself, ‘if this is true, and why do I need to even read about it, write about it, or talk about it?’ Here’s why: Our physical body serves as a house of energetic flow that can be cleansed and channeled to connect with divine, universal energy! From an early age, we have been taught to connect with earthly, human energies instead and to match that frequency. Now we are noticing that we have learned the earthly, human vibrational code, and habit to this point.

Once our brains tune in to the new songs from the radio, if heard, replayed and sang along with enough, we also find ourselves singing along. And so it is for noticing the music of the universe. When our brains know to look and trust in something relevant to its human experience, it attracts more of that flow to its physical land (body).

Now is the time to let it sink in that “The universe has my back on this one!” Thank you, Gabby Bernstein! Find more about Gabby and her spiritual writing at

Now that we’ve let this sink in, what is inside that is asking for an extra push or an extra hand and especially from our universe? What is calling for retrieval? For healing? For creation? For fearlessness (as much as we can muster)? And possibly knowing the outcome if we did wish for it is one that causes the fear to swell inside. In that case let’s practice surrendering to the present moment and our guidance that sees miles ahead in our path. The truest faith is what we can build with the universe. Even more different or further built out than the one taught in childhood Sunday school. Faith would be enhanced and noticed as our newest and dearest best friend, mate, spirit partner that causes us to release loneliness and fear just about fully as we are going to continue to live a human experience as long as life is an offering to us. To request the hand of faith to trust that we are on a divine path and no matter what steps onto it, we have a comprehensive, divine team on our side that will protect us and guide us to overcome.

The universe truly is conspiring and life is working for us. It’s just up to us to continue to help each other see it as we walk one and another home. This is why community, sisterhood, brotherhood, tribes are a part of truest natures. We are designed to heal and assist and then empower ourselves by offering gifts to the souls of the world. Gifts about the things we have learned from, healed from, and are still healing through. And thank you, Universe, for the strength and effort you are giving to us to walk through it all now.

For more connection or information, or to talk through questions or experiences, find me (Krista) at and chat with me in the chatbox there for you! I will receive your message and get back to you!

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