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In the Flow With Mercury Retrograde

Tips and Tricks to get out of the crazy and into Spirit!

This is not our first Mercury Retrograde rodeo together, however since my first blog post came out almost 2 years ago now, my spirit has guided me to new awakenings and also a straight forward pathway to helping Empaths navigate the physical and ethereal worlds with more fluidity, purpose, and ease.

What I agree upon with you is that navigating this Earth School is a story of constantly lifting the veil and trusting one's self and the pathway we are on! And when moments of retrograde step forward, and in Scorpio (which is this one coming), the cosmic shift as a whole is designed to intensify our experiences so that we can lift, elevate, relieve, release, and clarify yet another layer of this Earth School story.

This particular blog post is designed with intention that you can FOREVER come back to it as long as our site is live! That you can screenshot the graphic to help pull you along better during the days of difficulty and bolster the spirit even more in the days of triumph!

Each piece of the graphic is explained in this blog post. You can scroll to the end to access more resources to assist your beautiful soul on the next leg of this amazing journey we call Life!

This Spooky Adventure of Mercury Retrograde spans across our beloved All Hallow's Eve and also is present during a second full moon, which appears on Halloween Night this year, 2020. Additionally, this is the year that we are experiencing a complete shift in our consciousness as our world has experienced and is still experiencing a Pandemic. This article is describing the very basic and beautiful measures that any soul can use and experience to shift one's own physical temple and in turn, raise the vibration to overcome the heavy, deadly waves that can flood our worlds and our vessels.


Crystals are riddled with energy and crafted within the earth to assist all humanity and living things with our energy as a collective. The crystals mined or unmined are collectively helping our Earth with its energy, stabilizing, intensifying, clarifying, and purifying our world all at the same time. Now imagine beginning a crystal collection to maintain in the sacred spaces of our homes, workspaces, or even on our physical bodies. Now we are becoming intentional about the energy we care to hold!

This blog post crafted in October 2019 describes deeply all of the sacred cleansings one can do during Mercury Retrograde, as well as the BEST crystals we have found to help with our energy during this time. Read all about it here.

Less Talking, More Journaling

Let's face the truth of Mercury Retrograde. Words can just come out unheard, misinterpreted, or sometimes totally disastrous! There is never a better cosmically aligned time to pick a fight verbally than a time like Mercury Retrograde. Mercury, the planet ruling and in charge of communication, is energetically turning its energy and frequency in an opposite direction. So things we mean to say may literally come out of our mouths opposite of what we ever intended to communicate.

You know this too, when we journal, we are able to flood a non-judgemental space with our inner thoughts, turmoils, and egoic rants, to finally get to the center or the truth of the matter at hand. When we enter a two-way, verbal argument, we can already predict the likelihood of that outcome during any time, let alone Mercury Retrograde.

Turn to the journal and do a little more of what Gabby Bernstein would suggest, "Rage on the Page," and step further within to uproot the lingering frustrations or inner hurting.

Sacred Salts & Baths

Once more, as you may have heard come out of my mouth time and again and also featured in the article here, sacred salts are another natural substance, placed on our beautiful Earth during the time our physical temples are walking this rock, to help our earth and people with cleansing, clearing, balancing, reducing toxins, releasing, and more!

Salts, by nature, have elements that assist with calming the physical body and restoring the nervous system. We are Empaths, walking a highly sensitive life, and have an incredibly active nervous system that helps us navigate this world we are living in by feeling and processing (if we let it) emotions that we are picking up on!

Pink Himalayan Sea Salts are amazing for detoxifying the physical body and for creating negative ions in the air we breathe, which helps to balance our emotional states and well-being. Also, Pink Himalayan Salt assists with overcoming sickness faster and more completely. When our bodies experience stress of any kind, our immune systems become more at risk for developing sicknesses within the body.

Place three tablespoons or more into a warm bath. Add Lavender Essential Oil, I love Doterra because it is therapeutic grade oil. Line the bathtub with your favorite candles or order Reiki Charged Candles like the ones we have in the Live True Healing Apothecary,

Locate your favorite Crystals to line the bathtub to intensify the energy that you want to replace the old energy with instead! You can find more sacred Crystals that are cleansed and reiki charged with healing and love here!

Revamp Your Altar Space!

Whether you are beginning from scratch or have a sacred altar space already selected, there is no better time than now to enhance a sacred space with everything that brings you back home to spirit! Beautiful pictures, works of art, crystals, oracle decks, candles, colors, cloths, smudge, angels...anything sacred to you at this time to help stoke the beautiful flame of truth within. Place it in this sacred space, which can literally be ANYWHERE. It's just up to your spirit to decide.

Altars are crafted for going back into the spirit or the sacred. To remember that we are made of the eternal rather than merely the physical. To help us with knowing we have a space of prayer and refuge as well as a place to wish for our most amazingly BIG dreams! And also a space when no one is left (today) to understand our purest intentions, we can talk it through with spirit. Which leads us to our next tip for Mercury Retrograde...

Talk to Spirit

Once settled into the altar space or anywhere that you are able to quiet the mind long enough to hear spirit, just talk aloud. Whisper if you must, because when we can express our inner feelings and visions verbally, we are creating energy to open the throat chakra for clearing and space within our Third Eye Chakra to also see more clearly and accurately. Our trusting spirit may give feedback, may shine light through the vessel, or may say nothing in return with the promise that you can just whisper or get it all out in a safe and spiritually supportive space.

The world may have taught you and me that talking to ourselves is crazy. The good news is, you are not talking to yourself. You are talking to your HIGHER self! This is the beginning to sacred conversations between your guidance and you!

I hold my sacred conversations with my divine guidance everywhere I go. In fact, I turn to my divine council first before any other. It's routine building and practice that will make this connection stronger every day!

Organic Foods & Herbal Tea

Finally, keeping the physical vessel cleansed takes us a long way. When we are weighing ourselves down with dense, highly processed foods, or white sugars, our vessels can become internally clogged which in turn creates blockages of energy flow.

Herbal Tea can help with better digestion as well as physical support for the stressors hat are lying with the temple. Lavender Chamomile Tea is a beautiful combo for calming mood and emotions as well as aiding one into a restful sleep.

The whole key is to heighten the vibration of the body through the foods we are choosing to put in. Organic berries and strawberries are incredible for Third Eye Chakra Support to see truth more clearly and deeply. Greens are amazing for cleansing the heart, while citrus aids in supporting the gut in decision making and inner knowing and trust! We could do multiple posts on this topic alone. And for the interest of this article, a simple suggestion for this time period is to monitor the food being ingested and in turn, intentionally add in high vibe, organic foods, and teas for more support and for a lighter feeling. Because the heavier we feel, the more we attract heavy feelings.

For more connections and assistance you can visit some of the places I have found refuge:

For Reiki and Cleansing Energy, you can go to a trusted source for Reiki distance and in-person healing, Jereann of Guided Awakenings.

For a Crystal Weaving to help with explaining the energy surrounding our lives, you can visit Laura Lee Summers and request a Crystal Weaving.

For the blessing of crystal healing and more information around these topics, you can visit our YouTube Page @livetruehealing or our website

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