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Managing (myself) During Mercury Retrograde

On a weekly basis, I teach people about the power of the sun, moon, stars, and solar system. As our God is infinite, so is the universe created by God. With Mercury in Retrograde, I find myself at a loss for words, which if you google Mercury in Retrograde, which happens 3 times a year, you would see that we experience, as a collective, a communication breakdown. The purpose for this blog post is to say that being at a loss for words can be the truest blessing of transformation and empowerment. Life is built to help us through a series of ebbs and flows for soul learning and up leveling. I am called to share with you how to harness the power of Mercury Retrograde and build lasting, healing supports into your daily life.

Mercury is the planet of communication, and when it turns retrograde, it’s like a song on the radio playing backward. Lyrics become funny and they don’t work together anymore playing them that way. When retrograde clicks in, technology becomes glitchy, communication errors cause frustration (if we allow), and the sense of items falling off of our already full plate is inevitable. Life can feel scattered, out of whack, progress-less, and sucky without really understanding why things just aren’t seemingly “going our way.” Mercury in Retrograde is a planetary shift in communication of any kind.

Our first cycle of Mercury Retrograde for 2019 began March 5th and turns direct again March 28th.

The anxiety within people that were already dealing with unmanaged stress is noticeable now. The value of creating mindfulness time and to focus on mindfulness strategies to clear out the head space is for this reason. Mindfulness brings us closer to God and assists us with handling pain and discomforts that arise naturally because we live here. If the pain or the stress goes unmanaged however, it’s a matter of time before Retrograde or something else will shake the soul and the body can become very sick.

Self Management During Retrograde and in Life

When the universe moves into a transformative time such as Mercury in Retrograde, we want a sense of grounding and stability. Transformation makes way for ultimate empowerment, so if we can manage our headspace and remember to root in, cleanse the chakra energy systems, and connect with our source, the odds will forever be in our favor during any time.

Thinking about our thinking takes time and practice. Meditation is a key element to clear the mind space so that too many thoughts never get to be too much. When I coach clients, it’s often said, “I don’t know how to meditate.” Or, “I just can’t sit and not think for that long.” That’s ok! The key here is that no two people meditate the same way. Your meditation may be on a drive to work, or while cutting vegetables in the kitchen. It may be while you draw or create. It could be writing in your journal. Many have written about the power of meditation while walking and you will find evidence of this as well in the bible. Meditation is nothing more than clearing out the brain space so that God can be present. Even if you begin with one minute and increase it to 3 minutes. Just begin. There is a lot of sustainable power in building momentum from a manageable place.

Where do you feel at ease? Go there, do that! With each thought that enters say, “I now release you.” You will become flooded with rapid fire thinking at first because its all you have ever known. Habitually release thought as fast as it comes in. It’s like strength training because we must practice it consistently to become stronger and better at it.

Strategies to Feel Better Now

3 minute meditation.

A meditation practice for clearing thought.

Imagine a blank movie screen in my mind’s eye.

Take 3 deep breaths, and welcome the white light into my third eye (forehead) and imagine it cleansing that space.

Then, play a black movie screen in your mind. This gives a sense of releasing thought and stories from the day or week.

Healing Salt Baths

A remedy for clearing the chakras and healing the nervous system.

Salt baths are known to heal nerve endings, lift the spirit, and also provide the body with minerals that it normally does not absorb on a regular basis unless you live by an ocean and visit it daily. Take a salt bath up to 4 times a week. Live True Apothecary was formed because of the healing I experienced by bathing in our salts. Salt baths are known to balance and clear chakra centers and release toxins being held by the body.

Remember This

The whole point is that no matter if it’s Mercury Retrograde, full moon, new moon, a problem at work, an argument with a loved one, a breakup, whatever the situation may be, it can be managed. We can be managed. We are worth loving and it is worth it to release old thoughts that have been overplayed and over valued. Sending you love and hope for the next steps of your journey.

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