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Life Changing Conversation & Transformation

Mercury Retrograde + New Moon in Cancer + Solar Eclipse + Summer Solstice = Life Changing & Ascension

Of course things can go ary and wild in terms of communication and execution during Mercury Retrograde, which began on June 18 and reaches completion July 12, 2020, yet in terms of this second round of three retrograde cycles, the energy of this one is right on time. Already, I have seen significant examples of harnessing the power of wild communication to confront truths that have layed covered and unexpressed since childhood. Although difficult to hear, how much courage would need to be mustered to finally confront the abuser, for example? Or to share one's story of abuse? This energy of 4 events converging at one time provides an extra dose of courage to set the soul free of the shameful and guilt filled cycles of living.

As a reminder to the reader, it is never about fault or blame for saying or choosing not to express truth around the life events that sent one into a complete soul shift, however this is absolutely about the individual's journey of relationship and connection to spirit and to the souls walking this planet at this time with us. Which circles right back through to the soul's purpose and mission for being here at this time and space and place. Now our eyes will be opened as the world begins uncovering the darkness that has lingered behind the scenes for our lifetimes and longer. And it begins by standing up and expressing truth now!

The New Moon in Cancer is arriving June 21, 2020. This new moon in Cancer is a call for a deeper connection with one's self. Learning and loving the mind, body, and spirit, along with all of the things one chose to say yes or no to in this life to bring us to this reality we live in today. This new moon has one, huge energetic purpose which is to go way deeper in love with our own soul and all of the experiences that it has lived trhough in this life and in past lives. To know ourselves so well, that we can not help but to love all the things we have lived through and grew through. Because after this love is granted, we shall celebrate the future of our soul's evolution for bringing us through all of it. And as this energetic 4 way power unfolds, our love will become so powerful that we cannot help but to advocate for the soul's freedom by sharing our truths!

As for the solar eclipse occuring on June 21, paired with the New Moon in Cancer, a solar eclipse is a sign and an experience of exponential spiritual growth. As we know and have seen visually depicted in various ways, success occurs outside of our comfort zone. Notice how extremely brilliant our God is to set this whole picture in motion!

Retrograde + Eclipse + Summer Solstice + New Moon = the butterfly breaking free from her cocoon and flying in freedom and beauty!

How else can we grow if darkness has the strong hold on the soul? Releasing the darkness and rising in our truths can look like writing a letter to leaders advocating for others who could be experiencing abuse the way that you have. It could look like being wide open and visible when practicing with spiritual gifts that those close to us judge, fear, and ridicule, yet we do it anyway! Or it could look as simple as no longer taking the phone call. This is an obvious range of expression, yet I have experienced all three just since yesterday, and the other energies have not even reached their peaks yet! However your life play and shift goes, do it the way the soul leads you. And if this article is merely confirmation, then this is the sign that your soul has been waiting for so take action!

Now for understanding the power of the Summer Solstice. Solstice energy has an ancient connection as a human's time of ascension and rising toward a greater truth! Spring equinox serves as a period of rebirth and renewal, while the Summer Solstice serves as a space and energetic time to become one with our spiritual masters and ascend to their teachings and guidance to provide treasures to this Earth Kingdom. Truth awareness and shifting occurs during the solstice so that future decisions can be made with precision, clarity, and alignment. Visions of the brighter future will spark and brand in in the mind's eye while old ways will burn out and turn to dust. This does not mean that the wounds that were created from the old ways are healed away, yet it does give us a feeling of hope rising and opportunity entering for the future that is on our doorsteps. Creations from , can assist one on their light journey with codes of hope that are riddled through her crystal weavings. Equally, Jereann of Guided Awakenings,, can be of assistance in healing energy patterns and blocks that are now meant for releasing! Also, shopping Live True Healing Apothecary for crystals and healing also assist the healing journey one is embarking on!

The journey that we will be walking in the next few weeks will be a transformative opportunity for shedding the light.

Thank you for stepping forward in your truth and in your story. It is sure to be a model of the change we wish to be and see in our world! If you ever feel like you are in need of talking this one out, chat with us in the chat box on our site and Krista will reply! Blessings and love to all of you!

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