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Our Truths Will Set Us Free

The clients that Live True attracts are fierce, focused, beautiful women that are on the brink of saying “yes!” to their spirit, but other souls along their personal journeys have attempted to keep them contained into a well programmed story that just isn’t working for them anymore. Living true to spirit is a challenge and a new standard of living that a large percentage of Live True coaching clients are no longer willing to negotiate when they come to work with us. Which is to say that more and more people are ready to step into their inner truths and shine like the sun while releasing limitations and programming that dulls the shine of their spirit.

It’s really easy to deny our inner truths because in one form or another, insecure humans have warned us about shining too bright or speaking too clearly or, God forbid, speaking our truths.

Humans will say the following things to deal with your shine so that they do not have to deal with theirs (yet):

“You better not or…”

“She said this about you when…”

“I’d be careful doing that because”

“Can you believe how weird she is?”

“I’m scared for you.”

“You probably heard about what she did, but in case you didn’t, I’ll tell you.”

“My fear with you doing that is…”

Can you feel the urgency (yet) to step off the Crazy Train of lies and limitations?

And who cares if any of the gossip (sorcery) or thoughts of others are true? Ask yourself, did God choose them to walk YOUR journey of soul evolution?

I remember the day I screamed, “STOP THE MADNESS!” when spirit couldn’t take the scarcity, dark talking (sorcery) anymore!

‘Isn’t my life meant for more?’ I thought to myself. I felt like I was being caged by the fear of others. And their fear over my life was merely a demonstration of the fear of (not) dealing with their own.

Six years ago, I chose to never want to hear another piece of gossip. Behind closed doors, I realized that I actually dreamed of doing those (terrible?) things the humans with low self-esteem attempted to share in disgust or ask me questions about in judgement. I consistently denied my own truth by listening to gossip and nay-saying as it was limiting my own soul’s potential in this life. I was the person they were talking about in the gossipy sorcery being spread, only they were using another woman’s name and situation to highlight instead of my own. So, if I damned her with them, I was damning myself, and my own soul’s truth.

Seeing myself in the people that other’s spit on with gossip was my truth, my self-love healing process. This is the truth that set me free. This is the truth that the Live True Community of clients and Apothecary visitors show up to be free in too.

Because when we show up as our true, authentic selves, we give others permission to do the same.

No one said it was easy changing my mind, my actions, and MY FRIENDS! And it was a lonely few years being more friendless and tribeless than I was accustomed to living. I went from being the life of the party of 30 to a friend circle of 3. And, while that seems drastic, it was the price my human self had to pay to know my soul again. And as people heal in my community’s presence because I choose my truth of my soul every single time, my tribe expands and connects more to live in their authentic truths as well.

This is the change we wish to see in the world because we have become it.

When the soul has the first word and the people of the world, the second, the Inner Truth fire burns brighter and stronger. The Solar Plexus will dance with excitement and the sacral will prepare for the energy of creativity to be accessed. Everytime the fire of inner truth is stoked, intuition steps forward and the unique spiritual gifts granted to you in this life will beg to be revealed and shared with the world. We are the creative geniuses we read about and dream to be. The blessing in all of it...We ALREADY ARE the creative ones.

Live True, soulful ones, and be you! Because there is no one better to Be.

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