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What we Reveal, We Can Heal

Updated: Apr 27, 2019

Struggle is a choice, pain is inevitable. Struggle occurs when pain is avoided or left to sit without being processed. Pain is not energy, however, it can feel like it zaps energy when it shows up. Energy is designed to assist our physical bodies with processing all sorts of things and one of them is pain. The more open the energy flow is within the body, the more capable and efficient the body will be at processing through anything, including pain.

What we reveal, we can heal.

Encouraging and assisting people to feel their pain and ask it where it is manifesting from within the body is a target for the healing phase of the Intuitive Strengths Coaching model. Usually, the pain was created long before it was ever recognized, and we can thank our infinite God for her continuous triggers of life, which reveal pain left unprocessed and healed for our learning, growth, and transformation. Yet, if healing is not the option (for you or me) today because the pain feels too great, then coping can take the form of struggle. And struggling is a choice, just the same as processing pain. Struggle settles into form when the brain signals the fear response because something occurred in the past which taught the body to shut off around this type of pain.

More and more, I am attracting information about how people of the world have a pain processing problem because they have been out of practice as they are neglecting to stop to look at what is hurting and causing pain within the energy system. Some of us were taught from childhood to move on quickly and forget the sadness by working, scheduling and hanging with people, eating comfort foods, drinking wine, or whatever.

When I was first examining the pain that was showing up in my lifetime, it was when work and friends were no longer available to me or satisfying because I moved to a new place and certainly a new time in my life. My life fell silent, you could say. All the noise that was left in it were the voices of pain waiting to be revealed. At age 32, I went through a discovery process of looking at pain because I wasn’t surrounded by my tribe anymore, that I called upon when things got too hard to deal with. My life, in the new town I moved, felt like it was falling apart, and the more I turned for help, the more it (seemed) like it wasn’t there. Realizing I had to save myself was the first step into pain management and processing. The more we look outside of ourselves for the answers, the more struggle ensues. And when struggle begins to take course, so do other illnesses within the body and mind. The feeling of dis-empowerment and a victim’s mindset begins and can become habitual if practiced enough.

Pain actually saves us. Because what we reveal, we can heal. And when we heal, we can transform into something even more breathtaking. If we stop for a moment to ask ourselves why the tears feel like they are coming on, or why we feel scared in any given moment, we have acknowledged that pain is present and we would like to begin processing through its visit. The game can change entirely by looking at Pain in its eyes and asking it, “Why? Why are you here today?” The feeling of empowerment and an overcomer’s mindset will begin to activate and can become the *NEW* habit, if practiced consistently.

How Do I Get Started?

Journaling with God

Ask Pain why it shows up in you by "Journaling with God."

Begin the journal entry with:

"Dear God, My Angels, and Great Spirit Guides, "

Allow your brain to work for a moment as you put pen to paper, and by the second page or maybe the second paragraph, your messaging and inner awareness will begin coming through.

Meditate and Pray

Whether you are in a Salt Bath with Healing Salts, driving to your destination, or sitting in front of your altar, you most likely have meditated before and maybe without knowing it.

Go into your quiet space and ask yourself, "why are you showing up, pain? Why am I feeling this way?" Now listen and look. Usually words and pictures begin to show themselves in the mind's eye. Take note and ask more deeply, "Why are you hurting because of this?" As the the why's get deeper, so do the answers, which reveal the pain that settled underneath those years of layers and protection.

Now pray over your healing. Prayer is the strongest intention we can send to the universe and to our own healing. Pray for a cleansing white light to fill the body with healing and releasing energy. Entering in fertile ground for new patterns and abilities of processing pain and feelings of empowerment.

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