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Sick Chakras

Learn to get to the root cause of your sickness.

When I guide people, I find that there is a range of understandings about the chakra system, which is an energetic system that runs along the spinal cord area, that governs 7 energetic frequency points in our bodies. When we speak of wanting “balance” in our lives, it is usually because we are living an out-of-balance experience in one or more of the 7 chakra areas.

In the past 3 months, I have worked with multiple people through teaching and coaching that have expressed an incessant pain or even blockage that they have been unable to shake. Intuitively, I am asked to look closer toward the core of where this physical ailment manifested. Inevitably, the results tie directly to a chakra area that was/is holding stress or trauma from a life experience that was not provided the opportunity to process through (yet). The most common, easily felt and medically treated area of blockage is the heart. The United States of America is experiencing an all time high amount of people suffering from Anxiety. Anxiety is directly connected to the heart and the gut. Anxiety exists because the mind has taken ultimate control over the story in the person’s life about what is or is not working out to his/her satisfaction. And after the mind decides, the body must deal. The heart learns to close down the shop, rather than allowing the information to process through to generate feelings which can assess and decide if what she has been thinking about (in the brain) is actually reasonable.

The same goes with every other chakra area. One that is afraid to look ahead at the future because today has been dealt a hand of cards that feels painful, may manifest physical symptoms which actually cause the body more difficulty to think and see clearly.

Each Chakra area governs different portions of the physical body and the emotional body. It is important to understand that when we are given the blessing of learning more about our temples that God gave to us, we can have more responsible, healing control over them. In essence, WE ARE THE HEALERS WE’VE BEEN WAITING FOR!

Assess Your Wellness

Assess your wellness. Close your eyes and envision where you could be storing areas of struggle that pain has resided in without proper processing. Where is your physical body holding or radiating what feels like pain or discomfort? Read on for examples of symptoms and the chakra areas in which they are connected.

Chakras + Symptoms

Third-Eye (Middle of Forehead)- Head is full of what feels like mucus, making it hard to think or breath through the nose. Allergy symptoms seem to be lingering longer than normal. Cold symptoms seem to be lingering longer than usual. Plugged ears making it difficult to hear. Consistent headaches. Consistent neck Pain, shoulder pain, and pain across shoulder blades. Stiffness and pain at the base of the skull.

Third Eye is the energy system for visions, seeing future, goal orientation, intuition, seeing clearly.

Throat- Constant mucus gathering. The urge to clear throat often. Over talking, constant rattling on and on. Under talking as though your voice is gone. Sore throat that does not go away in the normal time of a common cold symptom.

Throat Chakra is the energetic system for speaking your truth.

Heart- Anxiety. Heaviness in chest. Short breaths. Unable to take deep breath.

Heart Chakra is the energetic system of unconditional love.

Solar Plexus (Stomach Area)- Stomach irritation, higher, upper abdominal cramping, constipation, stomach pains. Symptoms of heart chakra anxiety levels can radiate into the solar plexus area. Anxiety can take form through the stomach with stomach pains.

Solar Plexus is the energetic system of decision making and inner trust. Trusting yourself.

Sacral (Pelvic)- Early/late menstrual cycles, heavy menstrual cycles, continuous stirring/cramping feeling, food irritations that result in flu like symptoms where the pain and gathering point resides in the lower intestinal tract area.

Sacral chakra is the energetic system for family, creativity, and sexuality.

Root (Tailbone Area)- Pain in the lower back. Tailbone discomfort or radiating pain from the tailbone area. Hip soreness.

Root chakra is the energetic system of self-esteem, stability, abundance, and livelihood.

Each Chakra area governs different portions of the physical body and the emotional body. It is important for our wellness to understand that when we are given the blessing of learning more about our temples that God granted us, we can have more ability to heal them and keep them healthy.

In essence, WE ARE THE HEALERS WE’VE BEEN WAITING FOR! Before we close out this piece, Live True lives to help the people heal and transform. Two simple strategies, when built into ritualistic practices, will help you with healing your body and healing your life.

Strategy 1: Healing Salt Baths

Salts are an ancient healing technique used to reduce inflammation, improve lung capacity, filter toxins out from the body, and replace in the body minerals to restore it like new.

Healing Bath Salts in the Live True Apothecary are made with the Big 3 healers: Dead Sea Salt, Pink Himalayan Salt, and Epsom Salt. All 3 from different areas of the earth, and all three known for restoring physical and emotional wellness.

Live True Healing Bath Salts, crafted with ancient, healing ingredients, and infused with healing energy. Topped with a healing crystal.

Strategy 2: Breath through the Chakra

Envision the chakra area and the physical symptoms that have manifested. Take your first deep breath there. For example, if the heart feels heavy or tight, where you would normally envision your breath to be taken in, which is airways of your nose and mouth (which will be remain your sources of inhaling air for breath), now you will envision breathing all of that air into your corroded chakra area, in the case the heart, and exhale in the same place. Repeat this practice as many times as necessary to loosen the hold that the heavier energy has taken on this chakra area.

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