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Soul Circuit of Life

The Soul Circuit of Life

Every human soul flows through a continuous circle, unmeasured by time. As a co-creator with my dear friend and productivity coach, Dr. Melanie Obitz-Bukartek, I have been guided to look closely within my own healing and transformation process between the years of 2015 to present day. The feedback (from onlookers) was astounding as they watched the “turn around” I made and in essence how much I changed in such a short period of time. In processing the drastic transformation and acceleration of my spiritual awakening, I am guided to share The Circuit of Life that I processed through with you.

Before one of our coaching meetings, Dr. Melanie drew up a clarifying sketch to capture my revelation of spiritual evolution and awakening. She asked a series of questions as she designed a visual representation of the powerful information that my guides brought to my awareness about a circuit that every soul processes through.

For 4 years, life felt painful and difficult. Simultaneously, for those same 4 years, life felt so sweet and empowering. see...for those same 4 years, I was changing as my soul was permitted to process through all the pain and all the sweet as I built up my internal power. The recognition of every piece of my life’s experiences began as I focused directly and consciously on what this meant for my earthly, spiritual learning. Recognizing, remembering, and processing the experiences of those four years caused me to shutter, cry, sleep, hide away, and pray like a warrior. Now, I realize I was walking through my own Soul Circuit of Life.


Our souls are constantly maneuvering through the Soul Circuit. The first step into the Soul Circuit journey is through “Recognition” which is like saying, “Houston, we have a problem!” The pain shows itself to us and the processing can be activated simply by recognizing it exists. Before this understanding of recognition of pain and processing pain, I learned what felt like a simple strategy to manage, or rather never manage pain by closing off my heart and forgetting about it. Never to think about it until something would spark that painful time once again and it hurt even deeper because it sat in my soul festering without healing antidotes to help it process out and through the circuit. That is why recognition begins our Soul Circuit of Life learning. Because without it, we may just bury the pain underneath everything else, which may cause us never to directly deal with it at all. And when we never deal with the pain, it actually grows and morphs with everything else that the body will inevitably attract because it is continuing to nestle right down, underneath every other piece of life learning.


Following recognition, healing can immediately begin. “Healing” is the time, space, and deep self-care that we give ourselves when our hearts feel like they have been cut wide open. Healing is what we give ourselves when we feel emotionally exhausted from the day in and day out activities that we engage in. And healing is what is essential even when we can’t quite “recognize” what is pulling at us (yet). Imagine the way wounds heal on the physical body, our souls heal and desire to be healed the same. We have the ability to give our body, mind, and spirit attention and deep, deep love for the healing to run its course. Building a self-care ritual process during the Healing Phase as essential for soul evolution and transformation.


“Transformation” is like the changing room of our lives. When we come out of the recognition and healing phases of the Soul Circuit, we may appear and especially feel differently than when we started. Pain changes us and changes things in our lives so that we can align with integrity to our truest life path. Transformation is when you can look back at the path you have walked and feel empowerment for the journey ahead. This is like standing in the middle of the tightrope that author, Brene Brown talks about. Looking back and moving forward, when standing in the middle of your life’s tightrope are both treacherous, yet moving forward is undeniably the courageous choice. The transformation phase is the step right before the big leap to personal empowerment. It’s the feeling of stepping out of the muddy waters, cleaning off, and thanking spirit for helping us and guiding us through that time of pain and healing. Continuing the self care rituals developed in the healing phase is one of the key ingredients to stepping into true empowerment. The rituals created there will morph and change, but most importantly carry your soul through its evolution during your life. The transformation is within and surely the internal beauty acquired is now beaming out as we become ultimate attractors for the people of the world. Now empowerment can begin.


“Empowerment” is the final phase of the ever flowing, continuous Soul Circuit of Life. Empowerment is when we are spiritually living in the world, loving the world, teaching the world, changing the world with our messages of hope and renewal. When the empowerment phase reveals itself, it’s usually the space and time when creation happens. Inspiration means, “of God,” so when we feel inspiration, or the fire within to create the business, coach the people, write the book, make the jewelry, or simply walk in our communities again, we know that God is talking to us and asking us now to bring forward the gifts of what we learned and processed to the world.

A note to remember.

Remember that the Soul Circuit of Life is ever- flowing and always going. This will help us all as experiences of life continue and as some stir up the pain more than others. We can enter the soul circuit and stay in as long as we are constantly learning, experiencing, processing, and evolving. Souls everywhere are learning, and up-leveling. Always remember that we are never at this alone, even though the journey may sometimes feel lonelier than we would choose.

As long as we are on this soulful journey, we are in this together.

Find your tribe and love them hard.

Live True was created with a mission to help the people of this world walk through the Soul Circuit of Life. Because with every empowered soul, the world becomes brighter and becomes the change wish have always wished to see.

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