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Spring Cleaning for the Soul

Bite the bullet and just let go. The things we hold onto so tightly have surely claimed ownership (over a piece of us), so now is a beautiful, gentle time to release the hold and "clean house."

Imagine that each bond you have created in this life has a tie to your being. Especially the bond of the one which seems to consume your mind and your heart space most often. You know who he or she is! The ones that take up residency while activating certain emotions within that, without realizing, cause your connection with them to strengthen and hold on even tighter and stronger (to your energy field). If we build relationships with people of any kind, an energy field between us and them has also been created. Compare the energy fields created with people to the house you live in. If the house is forgoes cleaning week after week, piles of things and dirt begin to erode your living space. Our bodies and energy field operates the same way. It is our blessing to our souls to “clean house” and work up a ritual for doing so often and regularly. Read on for easy strategies for cleaning the soul's house.

Easy Strategies and Rituals for Spring Cleaning the Soul.

Release Thought

Begin by landing in your meditative space which can be one of many. The people I have worked with found their meditative spaces while:



*carefully crafting and sitting at their altar space

*journaling with God, Angels, and Spirit Guides

*bathing in Healing Bath Salts


...just to name a few.

The whole point is, humans over-complicate things like meditation, and the power in knowing you may have already meditated many times before can build momentum to clean the soul's house more frequently.

Free the mind of the thoughts that quickly come in, no matter where you set up shop for meditation. Hell, you could meditate in the middle of a business meeting as long as you can free your mind of rapid-fire thought. When thought appears, acknowledge it and release it.


Brain: 'I need to go grocery shopping and I can't forget to pick up coffee.'

Soul: "I now release you, thought."

Brain and Soul watch the thought disappear into thin air together as they return to a blank space within the mind.

Like any other exercise, the more you do it, the better you will get at it.

This is an exercise that will condition (over time) the soul to speak first and then the brain follows, with clear, soulful direction to the mind with how it can support with back up information. The soul is your truth center and your truest knowing, while the brain has served you your entire life in keeping you safe and out of harm's way. A life being lead in truth first rather than survival instincts which is where fear is born, is where personal empowerment is created and sustained.

Cleansing with Palo

Palo Santo helps with clearing and cleansing energy. Palo Santo is a cleansing, holy wood that in ancient tribal traditions was used to cleanse away dark spirits and bring forward light and healing. Palo has an uplifting scent when it is burned. Walk the smoke of the Palo around your living space and circle your body with the smoke to finalize the purifying, cleansing ritual. Notice the mind is a little clearer now and thoughts take form more slowly.

Cleansing the whole living space (body and home), once daily is a simple way to release old energies and welcome in the light. Remember that the energy of others may not fully release until the cord cutting ritual begins, however, it is a powerful cleanser to prepare the soul for what's to come.

Salt the Floors + Tea Tree Oil the Wood

Live True Healing Bath Salts are also perfect for scattering on the floor as a cleanser. Although it may feel odd at first, it has the same effect of a Salt Cave in that as it lays, it neutralizes the space's energy and the minerals naturally purify what it rests in. Salting the floors are a monthly ritual, perfect for Full Moon releasing and centering rituals. Once sprinkled (onto the area rugs), I allow them to lay overnight. When I vacuum the next day, I pray a healing prayer as the salts are being sucked away.

Next, purifying the hard wood with Tea Tree Oil is another option for cleansing and naturally purifying the living space. Tea Tree oil is a protection oil known for it's use in healing cuts and scrapes quickly while protecting from infection. Same in the home, the oil is a cleanser and an additional layer of protection for the body to remain in a healthy state.

Chakra Cleansing + Energy Flow

Work the thoughts out of the brain and enter in bright, white light through the top of the head. Envision the light moving through the center of your body, through the energy system that runs along the spinal cord. Allow it to hit all of the chakra areas. Envision the light cleansing each one of the chakras while infusing it with healing, bright light energy. Notice where the light seems to get caught or stuck. Look at the diagram and decide what the hold up may be and where.

If the energy resists in a certain area such as the heart area, you have identified an energy blockage. Allow and envision the light bursting through and beginning to open the chakra area that feels blocked. Move the light through the blockages as though they are opening now and throughout the entire body. Finally, release the light into the ground while it carries the negative energies it collected on its pass through with it. You can do this ritual daily, at first, and then tier it back to once a week.

Cord Cutting

Imagine that each bond you have created in this life has a tie to your being (because many of them are still tied to you). Especially the bond of the one which seems to consume the mind and heart space most often. If we build relationships with people of any kind, an energy field between us and them has also been created. While we desire connectedness and relationships with people, it is a very healthy and cleansing practice to release the emotional holds that we share with the people in our lives. Children, parents, spouses, friends, enemies, whomever, all of the energy overtime, connects to yours. It's a blessing to cut cords and return them to their owner.

Clear the headspace and envision a large pair of golden scissors. Allow the scissors to cut each cord that is connected to you. Some of the cords are very thick and dense because they have been growing on you for a long time. Take time with the scissors and focus on cutting the cord and the hold it has on you. Continue cutting until all of the cords have set you free. You may have visualized faces with each cut. Send the soul you envisioned love and release him. This assists with release of codependency and attracts healing of the heart chakra as well as the root chakra.

Now, draw in the white light and allow the light to heal the connection point and release any lasting holds it may have on you.

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