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The Sorcery of Low Self-Esteem

Many souls are quite sensitive to the energies flowing (or not flowing) around them. If self awareness is lacking, we can easily find ourselves morphing into something foreign just to “fit in” and make it through the moment because there is an unavoidable discomfort felt in the presence of certain energy fields. Many of the clients I coach speak in length about their paths of truth and authenticity out of complete necessity because the days of morphing for a comfortable moment no longer fits their vision of a truly empowered life.

Often, low self-esteem is the core of radiating discomfort that we innately pick up on in others as we walk into a room. This is usually the space where coaching clients begin describing the precise description of the woman who fits this simple, yet clear profile of that uncomfortable feeling we all know too well. She (the one driving my clients mad for a moment) is the one busy with details about every other woman or man’s life and so willing to share her juiciest discoveries with any other person willing to listen. She is the one sharing her triumphs and victories in marriage, family, and career, while crying herself to sleep at night because she is not feeling as triumphant as she lets on. The classic energy and actions of women with devastatingly low self-esteem. Just dying for healing power.

The people living with low self-esteem easily slip into the landslide of gossip and ridicule. When people become wrapped up in the land of gossip, we mistakenly believe and feel that somehow we have acquired the power we’ve been waiting for all along. And if the gossip is something we are looking for to feed our minds and souls another day, then we have clicked into the truest, darkest sorcery, which burdens our souls (and others too) with even more baggage to unpack down the line.

I witness people with low self-esteem who are working (and living) alongside of us suffering in the pain management department of their own lives. Tirelessly maintaining the approval ratings of others, they are consistently falling short of true, authentic self-love and power. The people living with low self-esteem easily slip into the landslide of gossip and ridicule and project judgement of the people around them as they do not (yet) understand that they are really judging themselves the hardest. When a person is finding herself wrapped up in the land of gossip, her life feels out of her own hands and out of her own control.

If we can build true awareness of our feelings and energy system when we step into a room diffused with low self-esteem and dark sorcery, it just seems a whole lot simpler and a no brainer (literally) to maintain our truest selves the whole way through the experience. No matter how uncomfortable the moments feel. In fact, like any other endurance building activity, the more you do it, the better you get at it! And guess what years of practice in this world has shown my coaching clients and me? The more you are exactly, authentically who you are, the more you give other people permission to be exactly who they are too. And pretty soon, people just begin to show up (a little more) authentically each time they come around. And true healing and transformation can naturally begin to take its course.

So here’s to clearing the mind, body and soul and tuning into the truest self. Give yourself permission to Live TRUE and be YOU. People everywhere will begin to step into their truest selves as we model the way. So be you. There is no one better. And may we all continue walking in our true authenticity and become more of the change we wish to see in the world.

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