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Finding Heaven & Knowing Hell

The depths of spiritual awakening

Truth is, on this awakened life path, our worlds can feel like a soap opera that we no longer want to watch because it’s fearfully matching our own lives. Things we promised ourselves we would never say, do, or encounter happened and the shift inside is like a tumbling ocean wave that flips us with great force before we ever realized we were ready for the blast. And then life reveals itself to us. The truest purposes of why we came here. Even in the midst of what feels like endless tears, the curtain is pulling back, facades are dropping, while recognition of the soul’s truth and magic within us reveals itself.

On the way to soul awakening, a particular event will occur that will go down in the books as “changing everything.” This event is one which turns life upside down, leaving us unrecognizable even to ourselves, which is to say the people who knew us so well, feel a difference also. This is usually when the awakened one begins feeling like an alien lifeform and develops (temporarily) a sense of loneliness. My soul awakening happened when I moved to a new town, a new culture, and left everything I became comfortable with behind me. I moved my family of four close to my mother and father and God blessed me with an incredible opportunity to be employed as an administrator of a top notch school. The story is told in its entirety elsewhere, but for this piece, my life as I knew it was ending and the fear in my family’s eyes when the depression went deeper was palpable. The story I told about my life before the move was extremely different than the one I tell today. My personal story of soul awakening took me through the deep, dark, depths of my own personal hell and I thank God (now) everyday for the angels that showed me the truest heaven for the first time and now forevermore.

On the road to heaven (which felt like hell), I found my soul.

If you are experiencing undeniable feelings of darkness now, you may be asking, how much longer? Everyday is a new cycle and one that deserves a celebration that you made it another day alive! That you chose life even in the depths of darkness. Dramatic? Hell no! Not to the one awakening! Awakening can feel like death is on your doorstep. The confusing piece of it all is that when you are living in it, it truly feels like it's never going to end when in fact, abundant blessings await you. Life is actually knocking on your door and requesting everlasting access to your soul.

Soul awakening is the most courageous act a soul can choose here on Earth. It is the reason all of us are walking around and performing day to day tasks. Then it hits, and please understand, some souls may never experience the level you have (this time) in the Earth school. That’s perfect for them, they can have another chance, another time. For your life, you have chosen. You have chosen skillfully, and in a mindset of VICTORY. It may suck (now) that another soul set this path in motion, but look at it like you had a pre-approval process. God said, “yes!” when you did. Your soul was meant for awakening, recognition, and evolution in this life. You stepped up to the plate and are doing it. We celebrate you today. Live True community and products exist for this exact reason, to help souls through soul awakening, and transformation. When I learned how I walked through hell and met the devil inside before I could see and touch heaven, it is my passion to assist soulful learners through this journey. Your soul was meant to show up in this life!

Soulful ones, may you be granted patience through today which welcomes miracles for tomorrow. Patience as you envision the magic of your life unfolding and the darkness clears. It takes time for each piece of the future’s design to adjust and set into the new pattern that you will be a part of shortly. Capture your faith and trust that your divine guidance system is lighting your pathway so that you can get to walking it. Step forward. You are the brave one, the victorious, divine being that chose this path of courageous, soulful living. Welcome home to your soul. It won’t be long now.

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