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How to Interpret Synchronicity

A Step-by-Step Guide to understanding the SIgns you are Seeing

Butterflies as Synchronicity and Signs
Viewers of Synchronicity often mention butterflies as being a sign of a passed away loved one visiting.

So often, our community asks,

“Why am I seeing 11:11 so much?”

“What does 11:11 even mean?”

”Who is the cardinal that flies to my window every morning?”

...and so many more questions enter my Instagram DM to help, or assist with clarifying that the nudges our community is getting are actually as magical and miraculous as they feel!

In essence, I will walk you through the experience of how I built my clear path of communication with the Great Spirit, our Spirit Guides, our Angels, and our passéd away loved ones, simply by committing to this routine until it became a living and breathing habit in my life.

Our human bodies are programmable (as you see around you) and this is how I tuned into the frequency of Spirit without skipping a beat!

The 6 Step Process to Interpret Synchronicity & Build Connection with Spirit's Communication

  1. See the Sign. Quite simply, recognize it is there! Whether it is a number sequence, butterfly, rainbow, or something different, simply SEE it! Read more about Synchronicity and its signs in this latest post found at the link!

  2. Pause. I know, I do you pause in the middle of a busy day at work when 11:11 is in your sight once again? Here’s what I did, and my day is busy... I hopped into the nearest bathroom or I took a walk to the nearest staircase and walked a few floors to go within for a minute. It’s when life just “moves on” that Synchronicities turn to dust in the wind! Pausing is an ENORMOUS STEP to stop the madness of the everyday lifestyle lived without noticing miracles! Spirit has an important connection to make and For years I missed it until I finally paused and provided it a little bit of space to breathe within me. Just pause. I used a corner of an employee bathroom to do it for just two minutes. Where could you walk or be for a moment (1 -2 minutes to pause?). Once I began to get into a routine of mindfulness, it became simple to simply pause in my own mind space! Do it your way. Just do it!

  3. Ask Within FIRST. The key here is to feel the feelings running through your vessel and to monitor the initial conversation that naturally is happening inside of your body. What do you hear? What is happening around you? And how can this be interpreted into an extreme level of loving support or guidance? Feel the feelings and process with your body to begin activating the initial talk with Spirit!

  4. Journal or Meditate. If you have been following my story, you already know I used to whip out my Synchronicity journal right in the middle of meetings. I’m never saying this is the way you should do it, rather, this process can be done upon seeing the synchronicity, or at a later time. The important piece is that at some point this mindfulness can happen so that Spirit had a new avenue to speak with you until the channel is made to be wide open and natural! I no longer need to meditate on the numbers or journal as Spirit now communicates directly with me through my gifts of Clairaudience and Clairvoyance, but I did not know about these beautiful gifts I have at first! The steps I’m showing you helped me notice, build, and use these intuitive features of my body! Here is more information from an early post I created about the gifts of the Clair’s. More to come on this topic in our future together!

  5. Feel AGAIN. Now feel it a second time! After all of the engagement with Spiritual communication, how are you feeling now?! Feel the gifts of Spirit beginning to pump through your vessel. The inspiration. The feeling of magic and connection. There’s no other like it. You will know it when you feel it. I used to become very tear-eyed when I felt it as I realized I was never alone any longer. This is a process, please remember! It may not feel this way at first, but I never gave up, and look where I am 6 years later! I’m able to teach you my process!!!

  6. Discover! This part is so much fun! The key is that you looked within your vessel first for clarity! You are teaching yourself to trust your own instincts first when you do that, therefore it can yield amazing results in intuition the more it is practiced! Now that you have looked within, see it in a google search! Look for signs in your Instagram search. Go to Pinterest and discover new or confirming pieces shared! It’s all part of the process! Have fun with Spirit! They’re guiding this stage also! They are literally guiding your search! How magical and amazing is that?

This was a quick dip into my 6 step process of learning how to naturally communicate with Spirit. If you find this helpful, like and subscribe to our site for instant notifications on any new posts or crystals we get into the Live True Healing Apothecary!

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