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New Moon in Leo Meaning & Astrology Oracle

Leo, a sign of confidence, radiance, attention, and expression is stepping forward with the power of this New Moon on July 28, 2022. Let us pay careful attention to the extra amount of confidence and willingness that we possess now to share whatever is on our minds! There is a background, mysterious chaos brewing in the planetary atmosphere as we note and acknowledge a combined force of additional power between Mercury and Uranus as acknowledged by Yasmin Boland of the Moonology Diary 2022.

"...a clash between Mercury-the planet of the mind, language, and words-and Uranus- the planet of chaos and electricity, radical change and turnarounds. In other words, the skies are on fire and we all need to tread carefully." - Yasmin Boland, Moonology Diary 2022.

One of the areas that Spirit is causing for me to look deeper into is this concept of turnarounds occurring. Usually the most fantastic and amazing turnaround stories come after devastating lows and dark nights of the soul. The blessing in this New Moon energy ruled by the powerful Leo and mixed in with the turmoil of two planets such as these meeting, we are destined for dynamic breakthroughs and lasting change that we have been desiring deep within the Core of our beings.

This energy is not to fear, rather one to plan for with intention and focus. Some ways to plan and move forward with deliberate and intentional action is:

Grounding Yourself

Salt Bath Therapy and Truth!

A few ways to ground yourself may include planning for a warm and quiet salt bath. Salt baths are a common "go-to" in our world of awakening souls as we have learned that Epsom, Pink Himalayan, and Dead Sea salts are all grounders, detoxifies, and also immune boosting natural remedies! Salts also help to calm the nervous system for quicker restoration and resilience from emotional attacks on the body.

Crystal Healing & Grounding During New Moon in Leo

Choose grounding crystals to help connect deeply to root chakra energy and natural, Mother Earth support. Green Moss Agate is going to be a natural grounding crystal for amplifying the heart chakra while simultaneously grounding to eternal energy such as Mother Earth.

A second crystal, marvelous for this New Moon in Leo energy is Rainbow Moonstone! Rainbow Moonstone helps one connect more deeply to intuition while grounding and purifying negative energy that is lingering about.

A third and most perfect crystal for grounding during tumultuous times is brilliant Garnet, the stone of the "She-ro!" Garnet is a brilliant amplifier of one's own brilliant empowerment and leadership energy! This is the perfect time to acquire the ultimate lead in your own life!

Walk Barefoot

Allow yourself to connect directly with the most natural essence of true grounding...the ground its self! Leave your shoes inside and walk lovingly in connection with the deepest form of grounding...nature!

This time is not one that invites fear rather, the learning of new energy that is prepared to turn your entire life around in the direction of your truest destiny and soul desires. This is our time to invite our deepest knowing of our Highest Self energy in to permit it to have the first say and authorization in our life plan and decisions!

Astrology Oracle Readings


Romance, creativity, and the way you handle your passion may take more of a center stage now. Allowing yourself time and space to feel what really lights you up now may also find you in a world of incredible manifestation as you partner with New Moon in Leo energy! Remember that the clearer you become on what you feel most passionate about, the more able you are to bring your greatest dreams and life purpose to life! Manifestation is your birthright, and you are able to practice this incredible power now!


You may be feeling a bit of nostalgia popping up at this New Moon in Leo time! Home, family, and nesting may be something you want to take to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL- like a full time level! This may be a powerful time to create a lifestyle blog or persona where you can show the world how artful and intentional living can be and become a loving way to handle life! Your dreams are ready for manifesting now! Believe in yourself and remember that this passion and purpose is plowing forward for a reason. Use this energy to harness what is truly lighting you up and giving you deep, meaningful purpose and life now!


You may be trading your reliance on flitting from one thing to the next (like a graceful butterfly) for a deeper exploration and a long(er) term commitment. Now is a perfect time to explore your interests with intention and purpose. You may be feeling prepared to establish some roots now. Flitting about may be leaving you less than satisfied. Talking with others and exploring your personal roots and also others' stories may cause inspiration to come forward in your vessel. Plan for deliberate meetings, quick but intentional road trips, and conversation with the times and spaces that built the beauty you are today.


Prosperity has been sitting with you and abundance of your deepest desires is prepared to manifest in your being now. That which has been waiting for you is simply waiting for your soul to recognize how truly valuable you are and worthy of receiving such a dynamic gift as the one that is awaiting you now. Now is the perfect energy to increase your awareness of your own worthiness for abundance awaits you! What you wants you!


The truest you is exposing its self now and the layers of who you thought you should be all along for acceptance and belonging is no longer required in this stage of your awakening. You are now being called to put down your armor and set aside the facades that you felt were necessary to navigate life. It's your birthday month, Leo, and as you turn another year older in physical age, you are peeling back new layers of your beautiful being! It's a coming out party of sorts only your new self needs no introduction. You can be felt far and wide as your energy is no longer contained. You are expanding and your wings are in flight position. Happy birthday, Leo!


Virgo, you may have felt like you have been diving deep for a while now, and just a bit more to go! The New Moon is meeting you at a time for full turn around and final flourishing into your new self! Your deeper, darker times are working their way through fully now and your blossoming, wing expansion, and brilliance is beginning to take on a whole new radiance. Congratulations! You just about did it! Your colors are so bright now that it will be impossible for you to dim to fit in. In fact, it may hurt if you do! Shine bright, sweet soul! You've put in the work and time to do so!


Expansion awaits you and the web of connection is forming and building within a community that you are creating. Your ability to connect, make thoughtful in roads, and network with key game changers is your brilliance. Now is a time where all of your connections are solidifying and walking into your bright and dynamic future with you. The bridges you are forming strong now are ready to transport valuable resources from the relationships you have been authentically and brilliantly forming today. Your future self will be thanking you.


Scorpio, now is your time. The pain and agony of not knowing self or the direction you have been wanting to understand to take will show itsself brilliantly and intelligently to you during this chaotic new moon. Your sign navigates chaos and the underworld exceptionally well, so there will be little at this time that can throw you off. You have seen the realms of chaos others would shutter if they had to live through. This is a dynamic time for you to become clear with yourself! When chaos meets you, it is cancelled out and there is a steady understanding of what your next, dynamic steps will be! Way to go, Scorpio! You've rocked the land of chaos and have used it and harnessed it to your advantage!


Your search for meaning is becoming clear, Sag! This independent road you have chosen to take is turning out to be the exact pathway for self discovery that any person may be required to take to understand and process true meaning for living. You may find that the answer is quite simple and the world has been massively over complicating many things. You may find shutting media off and connecting with prayer life and meditation is becoming your go-to state of being. Energy shifts may continue to happen as you develop a better understanding of your new self. Diet and exercise routines may become established and also daily new rituals for changing daily life will also want to take form.


Nothing is off limits now. All is out there and ready to be talked about for healing, clearing, and growth! Capricorn, you may be finding yourself treading into new lands that you otherwise would call "off limits!" That which caused fear in you before will want to find a place on your tongue to be spoken about and exposed. You may be celebrating financial gains openly where before you would have kept these wins silent and hidden. You may also discover a new conversation arising about your sexual nature, or expose new awareness about relationships and understandings that you have developed during you life. The New Moon in Leo is helping to resolve and expand areas that have gone dormant or misunderstood. It's time to live life fully and with passion!


Your whole life is in review, especially the one where you have partnered in physical life for a long- term commitment. You may simultaneously notice loving qualities of your life partner and also areas that cause greater turmoil. Additionally, those that oppose you may be coming even closer to "home" for your awareness. All of this awareness is popping up for one big reason! It's time to expand and welcome a new perspective beyond your own for the freedom you have been so eager to acquire. Ego may have resisted what enemies and life partners can so clearly show to us. Opposing forces can often show us what we are resistant in growing out of or into. The ultimate reason for life partners is for life and soul growth. Enemies are the counter of deep love. They both can spark fire that ignites ego to resist or push back. Is it time to hold the snake and ask it questions now? Maybe there is more to see in yourself in this time and place of the New Moon. The amount of growth and prosperity on the other side of this safe cage you have found yourself trapped inside holds the key to your freedom.


Daily routines are about to become shaken up! A time where your schedule may not fit the requirements of what everyday life may be needing from your beautiful and dynamic vessel. Allow yourself to embrace this time as chance to claim new routines or to become acquainted with a new grip on your own schedule. This new moon is here to help acquire a new reality beginning by the way you "man" or wo-man your schedule! You may discover that which you give respect and allegiance to is falling to side and new opportunities want to be let into your life now! Growth and development of new rituals are being acquired now! You. may find an instinctual knowledge around plant-life, herbal remedies and more at this time!

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