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Vision Boarding w/ Spirit

Vision boarding for the New Year can be fun, invigorating and hopeful! Spirit is speaking to all of us as I am called to share a soulful side of this powerful ritual. An inside out approach to vision boarding.

Spirit is speaking. That amazing, beautiful, divine spirit is speaking to you.

“Stop comparing our journey,” spirit says. “This is OUR journey! I'm in it with you.” spirit says again.

Strategically placing the vision board in a space that is used often will give you more opportunity to acknowledge the visions that spirit is sharing with you. The vision board shown in this photograph is placed next to the wellness cabinet which I visit multiple times in a day.

Maybe the difficulties and sadness that you are dealing with is (in comparison) different than what your neighbor is dealing with, which is the whole point! You are designed to learn, heal, and be empowered to walk your path, while your neighbor walks hers. Unfolding before us is the quest of life and every single one of us is on it. Spirit is speaking and hopeful that we lay down (a little more of) the perceptions, comparisons, and judgments of and from others to walk this quest of life with new found intention and purpose.

We begin this journey with spirit by learning to have acceptance for self.

...and when we stop accepting ourselves, we give ourselves another chance, and another one, and another one after that.

Self acceptance is synonymous with self love. We often look to others for acceptance but it is impossible to gain any if we have little love for ourselves. Always remember that no matter what is next in line on our quest with life, we are doing the best we can. And when we know better, we do better. Love yourself harder than anyone else ever could. Accept yourself as you revisit decisions made, paths chosen, and the good byes that were said while intentionally choosing your steps moving forward after learning from those experiences of life.

"Love yourself harder than anyone ever could."

Remember this, every life choice or happening is simply “a life experience.” The life experience was for learning in this earth school. Forgo the “good” or “bad” labels, leaving the guilt and shame at your heart's doorstep without an invite in to your sacred home.

"No need for qualifications and labeling in the matter of your precious life, for every event was designed for your individualized learning and soul evolution."

Ask and you shall receive.

Ask for guidance and provide a way for your guidance system to speak to you. You can say, “The spirit that lives inside me, which guides me, and is me, please lead me now. Lead me on this journey of purpose and soul evolution. Lead me through the darkest days of the soul and into the brightest days of Joy. Guide my feet on this quest of life so that I now create the gifts for myself and this world that I am destined to create.” Intentional words like this bring authentic power into being while dispelling non truths and false power which may have been given away before.

"Personal healing and empowerment will begin to form as rituals of creation are repeated and affirmed."

Creation is the foundation for getting to know yourself better as you can speak directly with the soul here. Your spirit requires a medium to communicate and one common way to provide your spirit a platform to speak is to have a vision boarding session with it.

Say, “Soul, speak through me as you guide me to the perfect pictures, words, and colors to affirm for me…

  • the direction to take in my life.

  • how to overcome the darkness and walk in the light.

  • what to do next to make my dream of______ my new reality.

...or any other question that you desire focus and answers to on your quest of life.

The beautiful thing about vision boarding is that when you visit it constantly, the soul speaks to the brain and before you know it, you will attract to your life what you see placed on the vision board. The whole point is to build rituals into life so that spirit can speak and guide us (more) clearly. Personal healing and empowerment will begin to form as rituals of creation are repeated and affirmed.

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