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Mercury Retrograde

A quick dip into the backward motion of this time.

This Mercury Retrograde turned on February 16th, 2020. Out of all three retrogrades, this one will is said to have the most gentle impact of all of them. We will experience two more retrogrades, one in the summer and third of the three in the fall of this year. March 6th marks the day that Mercury will turn directly once again.

There is true magic inside of every miscommunication or lost reservation that may come along. The divine distractions or divine disturbances have consistently turned into divine blessings in disguise. If we can frame the mishaps this way, we will harness those divine outcomes that will be sure to follow. We are in our first days of Mercury Retrograde, and we can choose to be thankful or bitter for this time of clearing. Truly, no judgment in what you choose! We are here to support the shifting and transformation that comes along with it all!

Mercury Retrograde surprises and clarifies my soul a little more each time it comes around as I notice patterns of solitude, frustration, or communication breakdowns among our community and me.

Live True crafted a “Thriving in Mercury Retrograde Kit” for this reason because as an Apothecary owner and intuitive coach, our community has built a safety net in conferencing as they soul search for healing tools to their wellness. The Apothecary has been created so that the experience can literally shift the soul a little bit more every time you visit.

The Kit includes an array of crystals to assist with accessing peace, clarity, clear expression of voice, and inner knowing. A protection element will also be added, just in case you enter the firing zone of another’s slime flinging.

In the meantime, it will assist the soul to listen a little bit more during this time of retrograde for our planet of communication, and possibly save the words to be spoken for a different time altogether. Remembering that “less is more” right now. Additionally, please remember that judgment may surface, possibly about you or someone close to you. Pause and recollect the self during this time. Say, “the judgment I hear, see, or feel is only showing a deeper window to my own judgment of self or to their own judgment of self.”

Blessings to each of you as you walk this beautiful life, mercury retrograde or not. This is simply a reminder to keep living the good life and one that deeply pleases the soul. Even in the face of retrograde or something else. We are all in this together. And sometimes it just helps to know that.

If you want to learn more about Mercury Retrograde, visit one of our favorite, early blog posts called "Managing Myself During Mercury Retrograde."

And when you are ready to take this learning to the next level, you can visit my personal favorite post about "Thriving During Mercury Retrograde."

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