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Ringing in the New Year with Soul

A guide for soulful clarity and activation in the New Year.

Instead of resolutions, let us now focus on the language of the soul. Often we are setting goals and timelines for doing and being things that we want to be more of in our futures, and we sometimes miss the mark of what our soul is crying out to clear, do and be. This guide is intended for us to first get in touch with soul, to then make those steps toward soulful activation of dreams in the new year.

So rather than setting all of the goals for the year on January 1, we set our souls up for setting the goals that spirit is deeply calling us to do instead.

Once these soulful strategies are activated, we will better be able to interpret the language of our souls even more clearly for the dreams coming to life in this year ahead.

Soulful Step #1: Revamp or Create Your Sacred Altar

Before my awakening, I judged home altars and did not understand the deep soulful connection one could have by creating her own. I realized churches I went to as a child and young adult each had altars for altar calls, yet I did not realize at the time I had the ability or the desire to create my own altar for sacred prayer and meditation, which would enhance my spiritual practices in the sanctity of my own home. I created my first altar 4 years ago in my home. Each year, I revamp it to coincide with the maturity and understanding I have learned of my soul during the prior year.

Revamp or create your sacrad altar. In a space that is only yours, focus on the colors, textures, and feelings you want to see and be apart of during the coming year. Every color has a purpose for your soul's growth. Once your colors are clarified, you can google "Color Therapy Meaning of ______" and find what your soul is calling for in the coming year. Also, if you know or are learning about crystals or have favorite rocks, plants, or dried herbs, add those as well to activate the Mother Earth energy. Once your creation is complete (for this time), sit in front of it and say the words of the prayer that come to mind right there as you soulfully bless this sacred space for the coming year. Note: Any words you say are PERFECT. Practice using your own words and feelings as you pray. This is absolutely "fool proof." Your words are the most sacred of all words when speaking to spirit.

Soulful Step #2. Choose Your Crystal/ Rock for the Year

I know this may sound a little funny, just hang in there with me! A crystal shop happens to reside in my very own living space where I am constantly moving and gathering crystals for new forms of paired energy for our beautiful community. As I was moving crystals, one of my favorite pieces sitting in the Apothecary never made it to my own personal hands, yet I am captured by its beauty daily. Finally, it fell out of my hands, during the move of the Apothecary for the Valentine's Day month, and the obelisk tower broke into two, with the top, the pointed piece, never to be found to this day. I held the broken, yet whole beauty in my hands and declared this energy for my year ahead. It is a blue Apatite crystal that captures the energy of healed throat chakra and a release of addictions and toxins. I declared this energy for all of the healing blessings I will bring forward for myself and the people of this world. I then heard, "declare the energy you desire for the coming days and year."

Choose your crystal or rock. As they hold the crystal or rock in your hand and feel the energies, declare the energy you want to embody and carry through you this year. Our energy is the ultimate magnet for all that we manifest in life, so it only makes sense that we choose it intentionally and soulfully.

Soulful Step #3: Know Your Dosha Type

Ayurvedic medicine is something I am still learning a lot about, yet 4 years ago, my dear friend, Julie McFall of HerStory Now introduced me to Dosha Types. It is believed, and I am now a believer that we are mostly 1 of 3 Dosha types: Vata, Pitta, or Kapha. Each one has its own set of energies, behaviors, and foods that when consumed, we are living a more cleansed life in our physical temples. Committing to knowing your Dosha Type will help handle some of the confusing or blinding situations that could be happening in the sacred physical temple.

Know your Dosha Type. Deepak Chapra developed a Dosha quiz here! Deepak Chopra also supports the work of author Sahara Rose Ketabi of the Ayurvedic Guide for Idiots. While I never love to think we could be idiots, this book instills incredible wisdom about the spiritual practice of Ayurveda and healing the body, mind, and spirit.

Soulful Step #4: Soak in Salts

Healing salt baths are a quick strategy to release the heavy muck and toxins that rest within our physical temples and even more in the Chakra Energy System. Read more about chakra wellness here, in a post about The Chakras. Healing Bath Salts, like the Live True Healing Apothecary line of salts are crafted with the following:

Soak in Salts

The healing benefits of soaking in Pink Himalayan Sea Salt + Epsom+ Dead Sea + Herbs + Essential Oils + Prayer:

*Releases toxins held within the body.

*Balances Electromagnetic Radiation

*Cleanses, Deodorizes, and Purifies Air

*Calms Allergies and Reduces Asthma

*Reduce inflammation

*Alleviates Coughing and Other Symptoms of the Common Cold

*Boosts Blood Flow

*Raises Energy Levels

*Sharpens Concentration and Performance

*Enhances and Balance Mood

Soulful Step #5: Vision Board

Saving vision boarding for last is the most important because oftentimes we begin picturing our new year with all of the old energy still tied to us. If the steps above are followed first, we have a better chance of hearing the call of the soul for making the vision for the New Year as close to our calling as we can. Vision boarding is a way of visualizing our year ahead in pictures and words. What we look at and focus upon grows. Being as clear as possible and activating these steps with crystal clear clarity is the way. Find soulful ways of constructing a vision board in the post "Vision Boarding with Spirit."

Here's to an incredibly powerful New Year! There is no need for a new you because you are perfect. Revamping the pieces that have felt out of whack for a while is a different matter and for that, I created this post to help you with that. If you desire even more direction about gaining clarity and crystal clear direction (which is within each of you), contact me, Krista, for more information about intuitive strengths coaching and healing sessions. We will walk through these pieces together. For healing crystals, salts, and cleansing, we have an online apothecary. For anything you are looking to have and cannot find, we probably have it or can get it quickly! Simply message Krista on the website or DM her @livetruehealing on Instagram or message her on facebook @livetrueheaing.

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